Helen McCullagh

by Grace Bonney

There are moments in life that make me wish I was born with, or had the patience to work toward, the sort of skills required to turn real life situations into beautiful artwork. Whether it’s the view of the Catskills from our bedroom window or the way light falls over Hope while she’s sleeping at sunrise, I’m always finding myself wishing I could freeze time and paint something to capture the way it feels in my mind. I usually end up snapping a picture and sharing it online instead, but there’s a little part of me that will always wish I could pull out an easel and paint it. Thankfully, the world is full of wonderful painters who are able to capture, and sometimes enhance, the most beautiful and simple moments in life. Australian Helen McCullagh is one of those artists.

I first discovered Helen on Instagram, where she shared one of her colorful floral paintings in our #dscolor challenge feed. I was instantly smitten with all of the texture in her work and the way she worked with different textures and thicknesses of paint to represent things like flower petals, flat striped fabric and blue and white patterns on ceramic lamps. Not only did I want to own one of Helen’s paintings, I wanted to live in one of them. I love any time an artist can transport me to a space, real or imagined, and Helen’s paintings make me feel like I’m in a room surrounded by fresh flowers, colorful fabrics and plenty of sunshine. For that reason she is currently at the tippity-top of my art wish list. If you want to see more of her work (and bring some into your home) you can check out her work here and contact her about purchasing. You can also follow her work, process and inspiration on Instagram right here, too. xo, grace


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