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Before & After: Christina’s Kitchen

by Grace Bonney

This morning’s first makeover was a triumph of DIY and today’s final makeover is also a testament to the power of slow-but-steady work, done by hand. Blogger and digital strategist Christina Brown bought her first home last year with her fiancé and they have been slowly rehabbing it entirely on their own over the past year. Last week marked a huge milestone for the couple, as they finally finished the first floor of their home! Their kitchen and downstairs living room are now complete and they finished a wide range of projects. From start to finish they: repainted the entire house, kitchen cabinets and hardware, laid down maple veneer flooring in the kitchen, retiled the kitchen backsplash, built a breakfast nook with storage (outside of the kitchen) and built a huge industrial shelving unit for open storage in the kitchen. Any one of these would make a great difference in a home, but all of them together make for a truly beautiful space and I’m so happy to share photos of their home on DS today. Click through to check out the before & afters! xo, grace

The kitchen, before & after. Read on for the full project...
The kitchen before, angle 1.
The kitchen before, angle 2.
The kitchen before, angle 3.
The kitchen before, angle 4.
The after! Christina and her fiancé changed out the floors, painted the cabinets and hardware and built the amazing storage unit to the right.
The "after" is now a bright, open space with plenty of room for storage.
Christina and her fiancé built this storage unit themselves to create plenty of open storage for their kitchen.
The living room, before, angle 1.
The living room, before, angle 2.
The living room, after. A record cabinet was used to create a separation between the front living room space and the dining nook in the back.
A wider view of the dining nook.

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