Artwork by Helene Comeositos

by Maxwell Tielman


On last week’s episode of Broad City (which, by the way, if you are not watching, stop what you are doing immediately and do so), we found our protagonists Abbi and Ilana falling into a trap that befalls many in today’s day and age — the inexplicable dissolution of time that happens when one falls down the black hole of The Internet. One second, you’re checking your Facebook, and the next, 10 hours have gone by, you’ve consumed every Top-10 list that Buzzfeed has to offer, and you’ve forgotten how to walk and speak in complete sentences. Looking back, today’s all-you-can-eat Internet culture makes once cutting-edge films like The Net and You’ve Got Mail seem downright quaint.


That massive preliminary digression aside, though, the Internet — while admittedly a massive time-suck — can lead to some pretty awesome things. For instance, on one such trip down the good ol’ Internet black hole, I stumbled serendipitously upon the artwork of Helene Comeositos, AKA Monochrome. Based in Helsinki, Helene works as an illustrator and updates her Instagram with daily black and white sketches in her signature irreverent, creep-tastic style. Simultaneously unsettling, witty, and funny, these drawings have become one of my favorite things about my Instagram feed — and certainly make all the photos of coffee that fall in-between more tolerable. So, yes — I might need to taper back my rampant Internet consumption a bit. But for all the headache that the addictive cacophony of Pin-twit-agram-book causes, little treats like this definitely make it worthwhile. Continue after the jump for more bits of Helene’s work. —Max IAmMonochrome_03 IAmMonochrome_02 IAmMonochrome_01

IAmMonochrome_05 IAmMonochrome_06

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