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A Country Home for 16 Animals, 2 Boys and 1 Seamstress in Louisville

by Sabrina Smelko

As I get older, I realize more and more the difference between minimal as a design trend and minimal as a lifestyle. One focuses on form and the other, on function. And the latter is what designer and seamstress Bekah Stewart is all about. Her country home in Louisville, KY, is all about comfort, function, ease of use and keeping her possessions to a minimum.

Bekah works from home where she raises 10 chickens, two goats, one guinea pig and one fish, as well as her two young boys Tristan and Collin and her dogs, Precious the husky and Devner the blue heeler. With a constant tornado of action ripping through her house, her priority is to foster a space that’s functional for everyone under her roof, through every season. Filled with light and life, Bekah’s home truly encompasses what it means to live the simple life (right down to her housewares), which favors rich textiles over decor and the great outdoors over TV (they don’t even own one!). –Sabrina

Photography by Whitney Neal

Bekah and Precious having a moment. "Home wouldn't be home without my dogs!" she says. Her coffee table is handmade from a piece of barn wood she found with handmade hairpin legs by Bluffton Millworks; vintage enamel tray.
Details from the home's entryway: right as you step inside Bekah's front door, you'll find the family's essentials; plants, skateboards and wellies.
The living room. Bekah loves that every piece, from the furniture to the small details, tells a story.
Bekah's reading chair is her favorite place to be, surrounded by sunlight, a warm blanket and curled up with a good book.
Books and record collections in the living room.
This vintage file cabinet was gifted to Bekah years ago and is one of her favorites. It adds character and is a great place to stash Bekah's art supplies.
A small table with plants brings freshness and life into the kitchen. The broom was made by Roaring Pines and the Amish-made drying rack and leather fly swatter are from Lehmans Hardware.
A collection of Bekah's handmade cutting boards and olivewood spoons gathered from her travels. The copper measuring cups are vintage and the stand mixer was found at a thrift store.
The view from the living room to the bedrooms. Bekah made olive branch wreaths to hang on the wall. The boys' room is straight ahead and Bekah's bedroom is on the left.
The boys' room is a space to encourage creativity and adventure. A few years ago Bekah made the boys quilts for their beds and she likes to add to their collection of handmade pillows and stuffed animals every occasion that she can.
The boys' space contains a wide mix of gathered books, weathered furniture and stuffed elephants from Bekah's trip to Kenya.
Bekah's bedroom is a picture of calm, complete with pillows from her own line, A Well Traveled Woman. She made the shelf herself and the lamp is from one of her favorite ethical companies, Rose and Fitzgerald. A Polaroid of her favorite memory with the boys in Haiti.
Bekah's wardrobe is actually the same one she grew up with and had refinished. The handmade ceramic bowl was a gift from a dear friend and the handmade wood treasure box was given to Bekah by one of her younger brothers.
The vintage mirror in Bekah's bedroom was passed on to her by her late father.
An inspiring message in Bekah's home studio.
Bekah at work on a sewing machine she purchased at a yard sale a few years ago. "I love being able to make things for my home at home," she explained.
In Bekah's workroom there are a mix of industrial machines passed down from her mother, an ever-changing inspiration board and bolts of linen awaiting new projects.
Bekah has had this collection of cutouts since her early teens. "I love how I'm still inspired by some of the same things I found beautiful over 10 years ago," she said.

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