A Bright and Beautiful Home in Nashville

by Lauren Chorpening Day

I think there’s something to a well-styled home. It has to feel finished, full and lived-in, but without so many things that the beauty of the pieces gets lost. It needs a good balance of intentional styling and casual living. This 1920s Nashville, TN home styles modern-minimal and eclectic-vintage with a refined eye. I can’t get enough of it.

Stylist and photographer couple, Caroline and Clark Brewer, are Nashville natives and high school sweethearts. They bought their 1920s home three years ago in an unfamiliar neighborhood. “It is an older area with lots of Victorian and craftsman-style homes, which are very charming and full of character. We really never even knew it existed, but when we started house-hunting we fell in love with the area. The neighborhood has really taken off since then with new restaurants and coffee shops popping up all over the place,” Caroline says. Their house was move-in ready and easy to make their own right away. “We added our touch with wallpaper and paint colors which, to our amazement, revolutionized the feel of the space,” says Caroline.

Clark and Caroline have taken their professional work home when it comes to creating moments within the space. Their composition throughout the house is on-point. Each room is filled with layers of colorful art and objects paired with subdued walls and plenty of white accents. Vintage and modern details meet seemlessly while natural light and architectural elements give this pretty home even more dimension and character. Caroline says, “My main goal was to create a space that really felt like home, a cozy haven for us to rest, relax, and be inspired. We have some big, longterm dreams of adding on and possibly building a studio garage in the backyard, but for now, our small home has all the space the two of us need!” —Lauren

All photography by Clark Brewer

Full Source List:

Wire chairs – Amazon
White pillow with diamonds and small arrowhead pillow – Cadeau, Nashville
Sheepskin chair covers – IKEA
Coffee table – West Elm
Blue floral rug – vintage
Tall lamp with Edison bulb – CB2
Orange pouf – vintage
Basket under shelves – Nate Berkus for Target
Small lamp with Edison bulb – Cadeau, Nashville
Black candle – Imogene + Willie
Confetti Riot large geometric canvas
Antlers – vintage
Sketch of man on top shelf – Chris Coleman
Black darkroom timer – vintage
“Be a good friend” lettering – Chelsea Petaja
Gold multi-dimensional paperweight – Anthropologie
Small animals – West Elm
Acrylic table – CB2
Sheepskin rug – vintage
Silver industrial chair – vintage
Bowling pins – vintage

Trim & shelving: White Dove – Benjamin Moore
Walls: Sleigh Bells – Benjamin Moore

Table – vintage
Bench – vintage
Rug – West Elm (outdoor rug!)
Credenza – West Elm
White chairs – West Elm

Trim: White Dove – Benjamin Moore
Walls: Alaskan Husky – Benjamin Moore

Table – CB2
Ironing board – vintage
Clock – West Elm
Wine glasses – Anthropologie

Walls: Horizon – Benjamin Moore

Wallpaper – Flavor Paper
Sconces – onefortythree Wallace Lamp
Rug – Rugs USA
Duvet and euro pillows – Anthropologie
Bedside table – Target
Dresser – vintage
Lamp – Bed, Bath & Beyond
Yellow abstract art – Britt Bass

Walls: Decorator’s White – Benjamin Moore

The home opens up into the living room. It definitely is a warm and cheery welcome. Caroline and Clark's mix of eras and styles is displayed cohesively and beautifully.
Caroline loves her vintage rug and fiddle leaf fig in this corner. She lives by the rule that every room should have a living thing to make it complete.
Caroline's father built this bookcase for them. They've mixed vintage pieces and art with modern ones. It's styled without being overdone, too busy or too sparse.
Caroline styles with sentiment. "I like the mix of modern art with the old picture of my great grandmother," she says.
"The art is from a local Nashville artist, the incense teepee is a travel memento from Ojai, California," says Caroline.
This plywood bench was made by a Nashville artist. Caroline and Clark display their ever-growing coffee table book and magazine collection on and in it.
The desk in their living room is another example of the perfect combination of old and new. "The acrylic table is one of my favorite things in my house. It was a housewarming gift from my mom. Also, I love the sheepskin rug that I found at an estate sale," says Caroline.
Clark and Caroline Brewer on the porch of their 1920 home.
The Brewers make old pieces look new and new pieces feel well loved. This extra surface in their kitchen can be used for prep or service.
The breakfast room is the perfect nook for their table, chairs and eclectic art collection.
Like the other items in their home, most of their art pieces have a story. "I found the floral painting at a flea market in Provence, France," says Caroline.
The vintage table and bench in the dining room are paired beautifully with chairs, credenza and rug, all from West Elm.
"The chalkboard art was made by a friend of mine. I found the chalkboard for $5. It is some of the first art that we added after moving into our home," says Caroline.
The bed was purchased with the house. Clark and Caroline painted it white to make it fit with their aesthetic.
Caroline's accessories are displayed on the bedroom wall.
Caroline made this bedside arrangement with flowers from her mother's garden.
The Brewer's bedroom feels casual yet elegant with the addition of vintage motif wallpaper. "We were inspired by the wallpaper in the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn," says Caroline.
The natural light, vintage furniture and modern accessories round out the bedroom.
Art by Britt Bass and decorative details style the top of the mid-century dresser.

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  • Loooooove this space! Everything blends absolutely seamlessly. It’s really clever how they sneaked their TV in in the corner of their built-ins. I didn’t even notice it at first, so I think they succeeded in making the mantle the focal point. Great art, textiles, and furniture. All the elements feel at home here, so it’s easy to see how the homeowners would, too!

  • Hey just noticed an error: The eye print on the mantel is by Confetti Riot, it’s not the name of the Brit Bass canvas painting. Thanks!

  • Love so many elements of this home! It is perfectly styled yet relaxed at the same time. Will they share where they found the two blue pillows on the bed? Thanks!

  • Grace, I’m curious if you’ve considered including a column on Design Sponge about looking for and purchasing a home. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately after being a renter for almost 10 years, but obviously it’s overwhelming thinking of what I can afford, where to start, etc. Since you just went through this with your new place upstate, I’m sure you have some valuable insights on the process. It would be a good companion to seeing all these photos of lovely homes, too.

    • hi jess

      something like that is a pretty tough question to answer, as people’s budgets are very different from each other and there are a million factors like local taxes, fees, renovation costs, heating costs, etc. all of those vary wildly from area to area so it’s tough to know how to approach that in a way that benefits most people :(


  • Curious about the base rug in the living room. Was it custom cut and bound to fit around the hearth or made of modular tiles? I have a similar hearth situation so I’m very curious for details.

  • Kay, yes we did have the rug custom cut to fit our space and it has been really awesome! We were given a carpet remnant from a family member so it made the process much more affordable.

    Marisa, the pillows are from a store in Nashville called Cadeau.

    Thanks so much for the feature Design*Sponge!

  • What a darling couple and home! Love the mix of old, well-loved items and new ones.

  • That is the perfect canopy bed. Where is it from? I’ve been searching for months for something with narrow, white posts. This is perfect!

  • I do think this is one of my favorite sneak peeks ever! Their space manages to feel warm and inviting yet light and modern at the same time. Beautifully done!

  • I love this home! Can you share the source for the chandelier in the dining room? It is exactly what we’ve been looking for!

  • Hi there fellow Nashvillian! I adore everything about your home. It is designed to perfection! I was not aware of Cadeau Nashville in 12S until I looked through the source list. I’m so excited make a stop there now that I know about it! Also, where did you get your curtains for the living and dining room?

  • Keosha, the bed is from Ikea and we painted it white.

    Lindsey, I am not sure where the chandelier is from, it came with the house. We have actually been talking about selling it. If you are interested in it email me and I will give you the details!

    Leah, thanks so much :) The curtains in the dining room are from West Elm and the ones in the living room came with the home. Hope this helps!!

  • Hello, can you please tell me where your pink/blue pillow on your bed is from? Or who the fabric designer is? Thanks!

  • Love everything about this house! Can you please tell me where the curtains in the dinning room are from?

  • Chelsi, the pillow is from Anthropologie and the artists name is Stevie Howell.

    Desiree, the curtains are from West Elm a couple of years ago.

    Hope this helps :)

    • I love it all! Where did you get the fuzzy ottoman on legs in the bedroom? I’m looking for one.