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The 20-Minute Bedroom Refresh

by Maxwell Tielman


When it comes to hitting the “refresh” button on life during the New Year, it can be tempting to go all out — from joining a gym and purchasing healthy foods to (finally) making over your home so that it’s more beautiful, relaxing, and cheerful. Things like time and budget, however, can throw an unwanted wrench into your refresh plans, and you might find yourself at a stand-still. When things like this get me into a snag, I find it helpful to turn to this age-old truism: A little goes a long way. If re-outfiting your wardrobe is out of the question, sometimes all it takes is a fresh manicure or haircut to make you feel new and refreshed. By the same token, if getting your home in top-to-bottom order seems a little too overwhelming, choosing a single space or nook to focus on can yield similar mindset-recharging results. For a quick at-home update, I often turn to the bedroom. As an overall space, it’s generally pretty easy to tackle, bed linens are often affordable, and a few simple steps can make a world of difference. Continue below for my tips for giving your own bedroom a good ol’ 1-2-3 makeover! —Max

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Ironing your sheets and shams

I admit, this might seem a little bit excessive. Still, there’s nothing like falling asleep on crisply ironed bed linens and, as far as over-the-top home luxuries go, this one is super easy and costs practically no money at all.

To do this, I love to use a scented linen spray. This accomplishes the same thing as plain old water when ironing, but it also imparts a bit of aroma-therapeutic fragrance, which can elevate your mood and aid in sleep. (Check out our DIY for lavender-scented linen spray here.) Working in one small area at a time, simply spray your linens with an even mist of linen spray and follow up with a hot iron with even pressure. If you’re working with a large piece like a flat sheet or duvet cover, it can be helpful to use a large ironing surface, if available. A standard-sized ironing board, however, still works great (albeit a little more slowly) for getting the job done.



Getting those perfect corners!

Perfecting your sheet-tuck game is a lot simpler than it looks and can go a long way in terms of making your bed look beautifully made. Just follow these steps:

1. Lay your flat sheet down evenly on top of your bed and let the excess length fall off of the foot.

2. Tuck the sheet’s excess length underneath the foot-end of the mattress, allowing the excess on either side of the bed to hang down.

3. Pull up of the sides of the sheet so that it forms a triangle with sides that are roughly 45-degrees from the bed’s corner. Tuck the hangover closest to the foot of the bed underneath the mattress side.

4. Pull down the tip of your triangle and tuck it underneath the mattress side. Tuck in the rest of the remaining excess underneath the mattress. Presto! Perfect corners!



Some added touches

While this is certainly a sometimes thing, I love a nice, fresh flower arrangement on my bedside table. I find that smaller containers, like the above toothbrush tumbler from
Target, make for perfect bedside vases. Cut your stems shorter than you normally would and put them into your water-filled container. A toothbrush holder with slots for individual toothbrushes can also work wonderfully — simply arrange your flowers so that they fit into each slot!


All done! Product sources: Threshold Washed Linen Duvet Set, Threshold Performance Sheet SetThreshold Dot Embroidery Pillows, Threshold Bathroom Tumbler.

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  • Thanks for this post!

    I’d love to know the source of that simple bed frame if possible?

  • Easier than ironing your sheets, when you wash them, put them on your bed wet (do it in the morning). You can lay the top sheet over the fitted sheet and then I turn on a fan (you don’t have to) and let them dry (lay pillows on top of that). They always dry wrinkle free, then, once dry, make your bed! It always feels like you air dried your sheets. I’ve been doing this for a couple years, even when I lived more humid places. Try it, it’s AMAZING! (plus if you pay for laundry, this saves $$$)

  • I love the pillows and the black and white blanket that is on the bed. Can you tell me where that is available for purchase?

  • Great sheet folding how-to.
    Can you provide the source information for the bed-side lamp, please?

  • Is this a sneak peak from the Kingston abode? I’m still swooning over the front room reveal!

  • I LOVE that light near the nightstand. I also love the idea of fresh flowers – it is nice to treat yourself to that every once in a while.


  • Nice. One question tho: why are americans so obsessed with flat sheets under the duvet? Don’t you use duvet covers? And secondly: why in the world would you tuck the sheets in so tightly?? Surely your feet will fall off during the night due to lack of circulation ;)
    Other than that: I love you stuff. Keep it coming xx

  • Love this bed! I am always looking for ways to perfect my “bed-making”, as I think it just makes the bed room look complete :) thanks for the tips! I have to go iron now ;)

  • I absolutely love your lamp! I keep flowers by my bed year around, they are so pretty how can they not make you happy?! It’s the perfect things to see first thing in the morning. I’d nice to meet you!

  • Maxwell I am clapping my hands with glee! I too iron my sheets – not all the time but whenever I can so to get that lovely crisp, luxurious sensation!

    Whenever I tell people I iron my sheets they think I am touched in the head, so I just don’t tell them anymore! They don’t know what they are missing!

  • The washed linen duvet set does not appear from the link – and I could not find it with the Target search engine. Any help? I would love to buy a linen set, if it is not too much of a splurge. I got one from Ikea and I love it!

  • ironing the sheets sounds crazy, but I have a pet peeve of the edge of my top-sheet and pillow cases always crunching up in the wash/dryer! They wont stay flat for anything, but starch. Yup, starched edges makes mine look so perfect, not that I need it, but it is the only way.
    Home sweet Home

  • I use Adairs fabric spray…makes your bed linen smell so very yummy. Just introduced it to a friend and she wants to know why i never shared my secret before…