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Sour Mule Recipe from Project Sip

by Grace Bonney

© Kathryn McCrary Photography Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer-34
I’m not sure what happens to your taste buds as you grow up, but as the years go on, I find myself learning to love flavors and ingredients I couldn’t stand growing up. After staunchly avoiding mushrooms for the better part of 20 years, I now crave them on a regular basis. The same goes for brussels sprouts and collard greens. And last but not least — ginger. I always thought ginger tasted too “spicy” when I was younger, but now I want it in practically everything, from fried rice and roasted fish to delicious drinks. So when I saw the sixth Project Sip recipe from Jenn Gietzen and Kathryn McCrary, I was hooked, because one of the first ingredients is ginger beer. Their winter beverage choice includes a splash of grapefruit (a favorite of mine this time of year) and can be made with or without alcohol, depending on your preference. Thanks to the PS team for sharing another delicious drink with us! You can check out their last four drinks here. xo, grace

© Kathryn McCrary Photography Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer-3

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Sour Mule
1 double shot of vodka
1/2 bottle of ginger beer (we recommend Cabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer)
quarter of grapefruit for juice

1) Pour vodka and ginger beer into copper mug.
2) Mix together with ice.
3) Squeeze quarter of grapefruit into drink for juice (watch out for seeds!).
4) Drop grapefruit into drink and enjoy!

Project Sip Creators: Jenn Gietzen and Kathryn McCrary
Hand lettering: Jenn Gietzen
Photography: Kathryn McCrary
Model: Sterling Graves

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  • Tito’s vodka is my fav for moscow mules. Also if you don’t like grapefruit I feel like blood orange would be amazing instead.

  • This looks amazing! I love Moscow Mules, AND I am a huge fan of Vodka Tonics with Grapefruit, so this sounds like a logical choice. Definitely making this.

  • Who, what, where, about the copper mugs??? I have honestly never heard of a copper mug – is there a reason for suggesting it?

  • I want to know about the copper mugs, too. Seems like the acid in the citrus would react with the copper and make for a very unpleasant flavor and color.

  • Anything with Crabbies and I’m there. I made the ‘mistake’ of trying it a few months ago and I love it…a wonderfully floral ginger libation. Sigh…… I was intrigued by the use of the copper mug as my first reaction was it might not taste good but I see a link to why I am wrong in the last comment – thanks Melbajo