In Their Own Words: 100 Episodes of Inspiration

by Grace Bonney


In 2001 I sat down in front of a radio mic for the very first time. I was a junior in college and was convinced that what the College of William & Mary needed more than anything else was, in fact, a jam band radio show. WCWM had a pretty strict indie-only policy, but my roommate was the director of the radio station and took pity on my surburban hippie phase and let me play Phish every Friday from 12-2. While I left my jam band days back in college, there was a tiny part of me that always missed the radio.

So when I found out about Heritage Radio Network back in 2011, I knew I wanted to see if they’d let me start a show dedicated to design, creativity and small business issues. Thankfully they agreed to let me have a try and, two years later, I’m happy to have recorded my 100th episode. I’m taking a break from the show this season to work on our house upstate, but I’ve been hearing from people on social media lately who just discovered the show for the first time over the holiday break. It made me think that now might be the perfect time to recap some of my favorite episodes for anyone who didn’t know Design*Sponge had a radio show or for anyone who needs a little inspiration for life and work. I’ve broken down my favorite shows into categories like work/life balance, finances, social media, inspiration and publishing/blogging. I hope you’ll give these shows a listen, because the guests I’ve been honored to sit with have shared some of the most valuable work and life advice. From building a more inclusive design community and life as a working parent to finding your voice on social media and hiring your first employees, this show has been the biggest joy of the past two years of my work life. I hope you’ll give it a listen! xo, grace

*In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, who was and will always be a source of such great inspiration, here are some wonderful ideas of ways to celebrate his memory, honor his legacy, give back and do more to continue the work he did so bravely.

General Life Lessons:

Marketing + Branding:

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Social Media + Blogging

Work Life Balance:


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