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DIY Dyed Wheat Tea Lights

by Grace Bonney

Adding texture and color is one of my favorite ways to turn a table into a more festive display. These dyed wheat tea lights are a simple way to add a natural element to a space that is also festive and fun. They would also make a pretty holiday display on the table and would be a sweet gift to hand off to friends this season. – Victoria of A Subtle Revelry

What You’ll Need:

Battery operated tea lights in small glass containers (for safety reasons, we recommend flameless tea lights for this project)
– Wheat
– Twine
– Hot glue gun
– Indigo fabric dye


We created some lights with natural wheat to give a nice contrast to the display.

For the undyed wheat candles:

1. To make the undyed wheat candles, cut the wheat down to size, the candles work best when the wheat is about 2 inches taller than the candles.

2. Using hot glue, glue the wheat around the candle directly onto the glass.

3. Secure with a length of twine to add a final element to the candles.

For the dyed wheat candles...

1. Mix your dye per package directions into a small bowl and dip the wheat in.

2. Allow the wheat to fully dry; our wheat sat out for about 24 hours before using.

3. Once the wheat is dyed, follow the same steps as above. Cut the wheat to size and glue onto the glass candle.

dyed tea lights003


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