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Bohemian Charm Meets Mid-Century Modern in Sunny Florida

by Lauren Chorpening Day

Authenticity, personality and charm take time to cultivate. True for people, true for homes. Standard walls and windows evolve detail by detail, piece by piece over time into a reflection of the people who live there. And just as people never stop changing, our homes never do either. Repainting, rearranging and redesigning are just part of the evolution. Today’s home tour has transformed over the years from builder’s beige to a well-loved, bohemian, mid-century space accented with rich tones, textures and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Elizabeth, macramé artist and home-educator, and Tim McTague, a former touring musician and current band merchandiser, moved into this 2,100-square-foot-house eight years ago. Tim bought the home in Lutz, FL while he and Elizabeth were dating, planning to propose a few months later. The great neighborhood and open layout made this an ideal space for their life together, but the standard builder finishes didn’t cut it. “Our house is fairly new, so we didn’t have the advantage of an older home with lots of character and architectural detail. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years trying to turn the considerable blandness of the interior into something unique and special that really feels like my style,” Elizabeth says. Their family has expanded with Maren, Ezra and Ida since moving in and the home has transformed with them. “Our walls have seen many, many colors of paint and the furniture has been moved and removed and moved again. I’ve had the dining room in the living room and the living room in the dining room. My oldest daughter has lived in each of the three bedrooms on the other side of the house at separate points in time. It has taken me many years to finally figure out where to put my furniture, and to realize that white walls are really the best fit for most of the spaces in this house, not forest green, not yellow.”

Personal charm is everywhere in this beautiful space. The layering of mid-century furniture with handmade, global patterns and modern design details creates an intriguing, intentional space that balances old and new, clean-line and handmade. Elizabeth’s intricate macramé pieces are displayed on the walls and collections of art, books and textiles are found in moments, large and small, throughout the house. “I want my home to feel clean, comfortable, and unique. I want people to come in my front door and be really interested in all the things around them — some of my favorite homes I’ve ever been in are ones where I am mesmerized by all the little personal details the homeowner has carefully curated around their space,” Elizabeth says. “It was a long, long process turning this house into a home we are truly comfortable in and proud of.” All of the challenges and changes have been worth it. I love the way this home reflects the personality and lives of the people who live there with style and charm.  – Lauren

Photography by Honey Lake Studio

The master bedroom. "This is the master bedroom and probably the most continuously neglected room in the house. For some reason fixing up my own bedroom is always the last thing on my to-do list! The wall hanging was made by me and the end table was a thrift store find."
Alternate view of the master bedroom.
The master bedroom.
Elizabeth mixes texture, pattern and color seamlessly.
The master bedroom. "These wall hangings were made by my wonderfully talented friend Laken Vanderwall of WovenLaine. They fit the decor in my room so perfectly."
Maren's room.
Maren's room. Detail of Elizabeth's macramé in Maren's sweet room.
Ezra's bedroom. Tim and Elizabeth found this mid-century bed on Craigslist for their son's room.
The nursery. A small glimpse into Ida's room.
The office. One of Elizabeth's beautiful macrame pieces is in process. The natural light makes this such a great workspace.
Alternate view of the office. "This small dresser was another Craigslist find. The chair I bought at a thrift store and kept on my back porch for a few years. I recently repainted it black and changed the cover so I could bring it inside to get more use out of it! The records are from one of my all-time favorite bands, Okkervil River. The guitars in the corner belong to my husband."
Alternate view of the office. "The plant hanger in the corner was purchased at a monthly vintage market held in downtown St. Pete. It's one of my favorite parts about this room!"
Living room details.
The living room, just like the rest of the home, is a curated mix of bohemian modern. Almost all of the furniture is mid-century, but she styles it in a way that doesn't make the space feel retro. "I love this room because even though the space is so large I have finally managed to arrange my furniture in a way that feels comfortable and cozy. This space has seen many variations over the years."
Alternate view of the living room. Elizabeth's love of reading and decorating gives these books dual purpose here and throughout the house.
Alternate view of the living room. Elizabeth searched for over a year on Craiglist before she landed this pair of gorgeous mid-century chairs. These chairs prove that good things come to those who wait.
Living room details.

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  • Lovely mix of textiles, furnishings/color and wonderful green plants! Beautiful home for artistic family! The natural light is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  • Those small woven wall hangings are great.

    I also just wanted to say I’m really enjoying seeing the Sneak Peeks on other days of the week in addition to Mondays – it has always been one of my favorite types of D*S posts and it’s great to see more featured!

  • I think the best interior designs are when the family moves in and evolves with the spaces, creating the unique personal details, just like this home. It has a comfortable and thought out feel, so lovely!

  • The layers of textiles just look incredible! So warm without being overcrowded. I would never have guessed that this was a new home, as they’re usually sparse on details and kind of soulless.

  • I loved participating in this! Many thanks to Design Sponge for seeking me out for a home tour. :) And thank you to everyone who commented, I am so flattered! Especially the one about never guessing this is a new home—that’s a huge compliment. :D

  • So happy to see a Florida home featured! Especially this Florida home, very much my style, but still all your own. You’ve done an amazing job. I’m in clearwater and I knew there had to be great homes like this here, somewhere, and I finally got to see a peek of one. Thank you thank you! Also, LOVE okkervil river. Let’s be friends.

  • Gorgeous styling…..and may I ask Elizabeth, regarding the big
    spools of white cord in the corner…..what type and size is it?

    (I’m inspired to learn this craft) Thanks.

  • Elizabeth, what a lovely house! I’d love to know the paint color in Ezra’s room and the nursery, that blue-minty green color. Can you please share?

  • Beautiful home! The combination of the beautiful furniture, textiles and greenery make this space one of comfort and inspiration. I particularly love your coffee table! Where is it from?

  • Could you pretty please share the paint color you chose for your living room! I’ll be painting next week and finding the perfect shade of white has been challenging and I just adore this color!! Stunning home!

  • Ahh, just catching up on all the comments here!! Thank you so much, everyone. Vanessa, you love Okkervil? We are already friends! Haha!

    Here are some resources for those who asked, I hope that you see this!

    The pillows are from here: http://www.themodboho.com

    The coffee table is a midcentury style that was handed down to me from my great-grandma. I’m not sure what the brand is but if you do a search for midcentury coffee tables I’m sure you can find a similar one! I see them on Craigslist from time to time. :)

    The paint color in the living room is Valspar and called Homestead Resort Jefferson White. The colors in the kids’ rooms I unfortunately can’t remember but they were also Valspar and similar to these two colors: Tropical Mist (nursery) and Blue Lagoon (my son’s room).

    The cotton rope is from knotandrope.com and I believe it’s 3/16″.

    Thank you again, everyone, for your kind comments!

  • Hi Elizabeth!

    Are all of the pillows from themodboho.com? I’m obsessed with the purple and navy woven one but can’t seem to find it!

    Love the room setup!

  • I love those chairs in the living room! Are they vintage? Does anyone know a name for them or who is making a good repro? They are so relaxed and understated.

    • The chairs are vintage and I found them on Craigslist after many months of searching. If you google “midcentury chair” you will most likely be able to find a similar style!

  • I love this! where are the bookcases from?! Ive been looking for similar ones for practically ever!

  • Your rug in the living room! Love it. Where did you get it? Is that also from themodboho?

  • The bedding in the master bedroom is a combination of Target (white quilt and pillowcases) and vintage textiles from themodboho.com. :)