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10-Second Studio Tour: Farrow & Ball

by Caitlin Kelch

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There are so many ways to produce wallpaper these days, from hand-printing and screen printing to digital printing. No matter what style and type you choose, Farrow & Ball is one of our go-to companies for wallpaper and paint. Today we’re thrilled to share a behind-the-scenes peek at the production process that creates their collections of beautiful wallpaper. Based in Dorset, England (where John Farrow and paint pioneer Richard Ball first founded the company), Farrow & Ball uses their own paints to apply both a base ground color and the pattern for their papers.

Once it dries, the paper is carefully stored until the second part of the production process begins. To produce more intricate patterns, a roller line machine uses engraved cylinders that pass through paint and are coated with color. It then gently rolls onto the ground color paper, printing the design!

Farrow & Ball also uses block printing and trough printing for their wallpapers. Block prints allow for a texture you can’t achieve with modern machine printing and trough printing allows for clean, sharp stripes and dragged-line papers. Click “play” above to see clips of the processes and peek inside their Dorset studios. –Caitlin

See the full range of the Farrow & Ball wallpaper collection here and join us next month for a special Farrow & Ball-inspired wallpaper DIY!


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  • We’re about to choose paint colors for the interior of our house, and I wanted to educate myself on the pros and cons of different paint brands. Any explanation of how Farrow and Ball is superior to other paint brands would be much appreciated! (As would any other information about other paint brands, too!) Thank you!