10 Candles for Winter Vibes

by Grace Bonney

Even though the blizzard didn’t hit us in Ulster County as much as we worried it would, it still feels like a winter wonderland around here. But unfortunately, it doesn’t smell like one. Between the smell of wet dog and all the wet paint and dust floating around, nothing smells quite as cozy and wintery as I’d like. Now that I can’t get away with having a Christmas tree in the house anymore (oh, the smell!), I want to hold on to some of those vibes with candles that make me feel like everything is warm and forest-y. So if you need a little holiday scent vacation in your home, I hope these candles will help. xo, grace

The Sydney Hale company in VA makes my favorite candles, hands down. This scent, Clementine & Clove, reminds me of holiday pomanders. And 10% of the cost goes to support dog rescue! ($30)
What could be more wintery than the smell of hot chocolate? This candle reminds me of sitting fireside. The only thing missing are tiny marshmallows. ($4.25)
Both the Woodsmoke and Forest Floor candles from Tatine are perfect for setting a winter mood without feeling like you fell into some sort of sugary baked good. I love the mossy undertones of the Forest Floor candle. It's like going on a winter hike without having to get cold hands and feet. ($42)
This candle was inspired by the smell of a Montana forest. I've been in a Montana forest before and believe me, you want to smell that fresh tree and air smell as much as possible. ($14)
This cider & chestnut candle ($21.50) reminds me of winter in New York City. All the vendors have roasted chestnuts and it's the one smell that keeps the city feeling cozy and warm when it can feel awfully cold and grey.
This campfire candle ($18) is one of my favorite ways to make a space feel like winter without needing a fireplace. It's woodsy and smoky and earthy all at once.
This candle combines sage, eucalyptus and driftwood for anyone who wants a bit of "winter at the beach" mood at home. Sage always reminds me of holiday cooking, so this may need to be my post-holiday blues pick-me-up next year. ($26)
Forest fir trees are as wintery as they come, so this candle is a perfect way to welcome winter guests and warm up the room with the smell of fresh trees. ($32)
If you want your home to smell like a winter morning, this candle's scents of oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver are perfect. ($28)
This bee-print candle actually combines the scents of cedar and sage for a wonderfully earthy and rustic smell. I like a little bit of cedar scent thrown in most anything - it reminds me of a log cabin. ($24)

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