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What I’ve Learned from 100 Radio Shows

by Grace Bonney

Today marks the 100th episode of my radio show, After the Jump, and the final episode of our 2014 season. The past two years of hosting this show have provided me some of the greatest learning lessons, inspiration and advice for both my life and work in a way that I could have never expected.

My first love will always be the Internet, but these afternoons spent in this tiny, shipping-container radio station have been some of the most important and enlightening of my life so far. So for the last show of the season, I decided to look back at all 100 shows and share the 10 BIGGEST LESSONS I’VE LEARNED. These lessons have nothing to do with hosting a show, but instead have everything to do with learning to be a better business owner, a more compassionate person and a better listener, and endless ways to learn how to connect better with the people around me — and all of us. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on-air over these past 100 episodes, to my favorite band, Screaming Females, for letting me use their song as the show’s theme song and thank you to all of you who have listened. Hosting this show has been one of the greatest joys of my life so far. xo, grace

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Lesson 1: There is no perfect balance, life and work are always a series of back-and-forth adjustments. (Inspired by this show with Meg Mateo Ilasco)

Lesson 2: Live in every moment and enjoy where you are right now, because every stage of growth and achievement has its own new set of challenges and stress. (Inspired by this show with Molly Hatch)

Lesson 3: Always keep learning. (Inspired by this show with Genevieve Gorder and this show with Todd Oldham)

Lesson 4: Your personal story is meaningful, important and valid. (Inspired by this show with GB Tran)

Lesson 5: No job is perfect. So be sure that you’re passionate about what you do, because EVERY job has days when it feels like a slog. (Inspired by this show on the future of print magazines)

Lesson 6: Human interaction is at the core of everything we do as artists, writers and makers. We may feel disconnected at points, but by sharing our voices with other people, we are able to truly connect with other people. (Inspired by this show with Ivan Cash)

Lesson 7: Art & design can change the world. (Inspired by this show with Dawn Hancock and Sharlene King)

Lesson 8: Understanding what goes into the things that surround you at home is important. (Inspired by this show with Kathryn Fortunato and Claire Mazur of Of a Kind)

Lesson 9: It’s our responsibility to show and celebrate the diversity of our community and be more inclusive in our coverage. (Inspired by this show with Tina Shoulders)

Lesson 10: Don’t be afraid to have an opinion and stand behind it — we define ourselves in those moments and those moments are what make people believe in you and your brand. (Inspired by this show with Jon Call)

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  • Thank you so much for continuing After the Jump and congrats on 100 episodes! As a small restaurant owner, I too have been motivated by so many if the interviews you have conducted in both a professional and personal way. I can’t wait to listen to the next 100 episodes.

  • Congratulations on your 100th episode! I listen to After the Jump as I embroider:) The most valuable lesson I took away from your radio show was to have faith in my own voice.

    Thank you Grace! Happy Holidays.

  • After The Jump is my favourite podcast, as a small business it can seem like you’re out there on an iceberg sometimes…I have enjoyed your guests that each bring something different to the conversation and inspire me to keep learning and growing. I am looking forward to what you’ll bring to 2015!

  • I’m so excited to hear you’ll be back in the Spring! It’s such a treat for me to listen to your show each week. And PS – I’m just waiting to purchase the next Design Sponge book — perhaps a business focused one this time?!

  • Hello Grace, I completely agree with your lesson number 3. My personal opinion is I don’t know anything so I have to learn all time.But in your lesson 2 you said to enjoy every moment of life. It’s harder for most of people I think. Actually I don’t think so it’s so easy for me .Anyway I like your experiences much…Its beautiful thank you.

  • I love this! I love your ability to translate big ideas and complex conversations in to a collection of thoughts. A wonderful list to refer to for inspiration, and to remind one self to keep going and keep learning.

  • Grace,

    I was so afraid that this 100th episode was perhaps your last on air. But I’m so glad to hear after reading these comments that you have plans to come back in the Spring! Woohoo!!! I can’t tell you how many episodes I’ve finished and thought, “I need to write Grace and let her know just how awesome that was”. Clearly that didn’t always happen. ;-) But now at least you know! Your conversations are always so well prepared, thought-provoking, and most importantly to me, motivating. I’ve looked forward to them every week. As someone who hosts a podcasts with creative types similar to you, I know just how much time and effort is involved in the process. THANK YOU! (And, FYI, one of your episodes may have just been the catalyst for a really cool collaboration I’m working on in 2015!)

  • Fantastic episode! I have learned so much from listening to ‘After the Jump’. I can’t wait to hear what you have to share later in the Spring :)

  • While I’m sad to see you go, I understand that we all must continue our journey in life wherever they may take us. I’ve grown fond of AfterJump, but now I can take time to go back —listen to all the wonderful and thoughtful content as well as the long list of exceptional creatives that you’ve shared with us over time. Onward and Upward. Enjoy your new home. Tchau

  • Grace: I have been following your work for many years and it has always inspired me in many ways. Today, I was looking for a good post to re-post in one of my Spundge’s notebooks (this must be the funniest work ever) and I’ve found this one. And it’s not only perfect for this purpose, but also for me at this very moment of my life. Thanks a lot for sharing your talent and creativity with every one of us. Thanks a lot for what you do. And please, keep doing it. Happy 2015!

  • I am already missing listening to After the Jump! Does anyone have any suggestions for good podcasts to listen to until AtJ comes back?

  • GREAT list! I have really enjoyed the show! I know it must take a lot of work to put together, but it is so informative and special. I do hope you also put together a book about these “life matters” or biz or what have you…even if publisher says they don’t need :)

  • I love the list! It resonates in all the different layers of life! Thanks so much for creating and sharing this ‘space’! It is such a pleasure and a wonderful encouragement!!

  • Hi Grace, I love listening to your shows while working on my creative projects as they really motivate me and make me happy to do what I do. I loved the interview with Meg Mateo Ilasco with how she manages to run a successful business and being a mum. I’m expecting my 3rd child and running my creative business so I feel very connected to what she said! I can’t wait to hear more of your shows!

  • Thanks for your post; lots, ‘so true’ as I read through. I’ve pinned your post to come back too later. It would be interesting to listen to the linked shows. Thanks for sharing such important lessons :-) #TheList

  • I only recently heard about After the Jump, but I’ve been hooked every since! I listen to it every morning to start my day & get inspired. Thank you for bringing on so many brave and intelligent creatives who are inspiring me to pave my own way. Your questions are exactly what I’d want to learn from each person and they open the door for so many lessons. Thank you! Keep up the good work!