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Resolve to Do-It-Yourself: 16 Awesome projects to get you started

by Maxwell Tielman

knittingbasics Making things by hand is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but real talk: Sometimes it seems like more trouble than it’s worth. By the time you swing by the craft store, buy and set up your supplies, figure out the directions, and actually get down to making whatever it is you have in mind, you could have just bought it (and probably had time for a couple episodes of Scandal). You probably don’t need me to sing the praises of the handmade — cost-effectiveness, superior quality, and straight-up satisfaction are just a few reasons why it is oftentimes the best option. As with most things in life, though, it’s all about being motivated. But is there really any time better than the New Year to give yourself a heaping portion of motivation? If making more by hand tops your resolution list this year, we’ve got you covered! Easy, cheap, and downright fabulous, these projects are just the ticket to get you inspired and motivated to make! Happy craftin’! —Max

Who needs to buy jewelry when you can make snazzy things like this bracelet at home?
Speaking of jewelry, the new year's the perfect time to up your jewelry organizing game! Try your hand at this beautiful (and easy!) copper jewelry display!
Spruce up your yoga class look with this fabulous yoga mat bag from our Sewing 101 column!
Up-cycle old toys into chic magnets with this incredibly simple project. All the supplies are available at your local hardware store!
Get your office in order AND learn how to make beautiful marbled designs? This project has you covered!
Dress up your home office with these stylish acrylic and gold clipboards.
Got some scrap fabric lying around? Treat your office supplies to a quick makeover!
If you've been meaning to fix the hardware on that set of drawers, try out this easy-peasy (and super cute) project for leather drawer pulls.
Get on the up-and-up with up-cycling with this beautiful shelf using recycled belts and reclaimed wood.
Ever wanted to jump on the embroidery bandwagon but wasn't sure where to start? This simple "Embroidery 101" project from Jessica Marquez will have you mastering your backstitch in no time!
There's nothing like knitting on a chilly January evening. For a quick tutorial to get you started, try out our illustrated guide to knitting basics!
Make your mornings a little warmer with these beautiful, made-to-last leather cup jackets.
Give your kitchen an easy update by painting your tile backsplash!
Mail starting to pile up? Get it in order with this stylish leather mail basket.
Need a better way to organize your home's keys? Try color-coding them with these simple and oh-so-charming tassels and pompoms.
It's never too early to get your spring cleaning on! Try out these easy and environmentally-friendly DIY cleaning products from Ashley English!

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  • I think there’s definitely a balance to be found. My mother always made everything herself, so it took me some time to feel like it was okay to buy something I could male myself. That being said, there’s something nice about using my hands.

  • I love the way you do things by hand. You are a big idol for me. I want to work once in a very creative business and by doing things as you do you can get a idea of being creative. thanks for that!

  • Love the round ups! I didn’t think you guys were posting this week,thanks for some New Years entertainment!

  • I love these projects. Honestly I was feeling quite frustrated trying to get the images to load. There’s a large blank space where I presume ads load, and above it is the bracelet image. So I assumed the other photos weren’t loading. Then I noticed at the far top left “1 of 16” and thought to hover over the image and the pink slider arrows appeared. I love those arrows. I’d have them load automatically without any need to hover and keep them there so people will know it’s a slider.