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Ivan Cash on After the Jump

by Grace Bonney

Like most people, my guilty pleasures involve spending too much time in front of screens and clicking on links that promise to tell me what job I should really be doing and how to make my hair shinier. Most of the time, those lunch break links lead me to fluff, but on other days, they lead to something spectacular.

A few weeks ago I followed a link from Facebook over to an incredible video project that interviewed people in different cities about what the last photo on their phone was. From London to Alabama, the answers were both fascinating and thought-provoking. Those videos lead me to others by the same interactive artist and filmmaker, Ivan Cash, and I jumped at the chance to interview him on my radio show before the holiday break. I assumed that Ivan would have interesting things to say, but I left feeling so much more inspired and invigorated than I expected. His insight into the way loneliness affects storytelling and vision – and, in a way, leads to intimacy – really opened my eyes to how the same is true of blogging and publishing online. From his early days of making the front page of the Daily News to his impressive roster of films and commercial work, Ivan is most definitely a voice we will be hearing much more of for years to come. Thanks so much to Ivan for joining me for episode 97 and thanks to all of you for listening. xo, grace

To Listen: Click here to listen online or click here to Listen on iTunes.

*Photo Credit: Luis Peña/El Peña

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  • Hello,
    What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it with us. Blogging is such a lonely thing to do. I felt very isolated at first, but now I never feel alone. I truly enjoy spending time with myself. I have learned how to love me.