Happy Holidays from Design*Sponge

by Grace Bonney


2014 has been a roller coaster of a year, but one that has taught me so many lessons and has helped me refocus and redefine what is most important to me in life and work. There were moments when I had to just hold on and trust that we’d make it to a smooth patch and moments when we rushed forward with such excitement, energy and passion that I felt thankful for still being on such a fun and wild ride. I started the year feeling worried about the future of blogs and how best to run our team, but I’m ending 2014 feeling stronger, more energized and with the most understanding and clarity I’ve ever had about why we’re here, what we do and what we believe in at Design*Sponge.

The world around us is changing more quickly than ever. The Internet changes, readers change and the way (and even where) we write is constantly evolving. But the one thing that doesn’t change is the importance of home. Having a place where you feel warm, safe, comfortable and restored is both one of the greatest luxuries and necessities in life. Our mission here at DS is to help people find the tools, inspiration and confidence they need to build a home that speaks to who they are, but we wanted to end this year by remembering that not everyone has the luxury of having a home. In the United States alone, over 600,000 people are currently without homes and this holiday our team is making a donation to several charities that work to help people have a more permanent roof over their heads. If you’re able to donate your time or money to a group that helps people get into a safe home, we hope you’ll please consider joining us in our effort to help.

Our team is taking a break for the holiday and will return on Monday, January 5th with content that we feel is some of the best, most exciting and meaningful we’ve worked on to date. All this year (and especially since we launched our re-design), we’ve been listening to your thoughts, comments and suggestions about what you’d like to see more — and less — of here at Design*Sponge. We’ve taken those notes to heart and combined them with what means the most to us to come up with some great new columns for 2015 that focus on building a beautiful home by doing more with the things you already have around you.

We’re expanding our DIY and Before & After sections and launching new columns that focus on affordable ways to embrace design at home without spending or buying too much, and by keeping quality (not quantity) at heart. We will, of course, always continue to share our favorite inspiring and innovative ideas, with a focus on products and designs that are worth investing both your time and money in. These additions and changes won’t feel like a night-and-day change, but we hope they’ll be a subtle shift that embraces our community’s shared desire to spend less time shopping and trend-obsessing and more time truly being inspired and finding ways to create beauty at home using our own two hands. We also want to spend more time supporting artists, shops and companies we trust and believe in. We can’t wait to start 2015, but until then, from all of us at DS, we wish the very best for all of you for both a happy holiday season and a wonderful, wonderful New Year. xo, grace

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  • I’ve enjoyed DS this year more than any other, and its the first site I go to each weekday morning. I love the redesign and the newer features. It’s all better than ever, and with a new level of sophistication. Thank you for making each day more beautiful.

  • Thank you for a wonderful year of beautiful images and inspiring stories. Happy holidays!

  • Thank you Design Sponge! I have so enjoyed reading your posts this year and you’ve given me tons of inspiration for making my own home a cozy and warm place for my family. Happy Holidays!

  • Grace, very best wishes for the merriest holiday to you, your family, and all the staff at D*S! Thank you for so many gifts of yourselves that you’ve never all year long to inspire us. Let us look forward to a New Year full of Peace and Joy!

  • Thank you for doing this blog, I too look forward to it every day. Have a lovely break you guys, cheers, Kirsten

  • Grace,

    Thank you for continuing to inspire. Your 2014 sounds remarkably like ours – a roller coaster ride that’s had us coming out of it with much more clarity with which to start 2015. Cannot agree more about the importance of home and we too made the decision that part of our work is about giving back to those that don’t have a home. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas break and onward and upward in 2015! Tip (& Natalie)

  • Quit moderating the comments and enjoy your break! Looking forward to the new year with DS.

  • Look forward to 2015 full of great ideas. Enjoy the rest and all the best for the year ahead.

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    • Hi LK

      Thanks for the clarification. I updated to that version and tested it out and can’t replicate any crashes. Do you have flash on your browser? I’m wondering if the ads might be affecting your browser? We’ve had flash ads for years, but sometimes that creates issues for some browsers. Can you tell me what it says on the lower left side of your browser when it crashes- is it trying to load something? That will help me target and remove any ads that may be a problem.


  • Hello Grace,

    I have read your blog for three years, mostly attracted by the beautiful home tours and Biz Lady . I opened my own boutique in Shanghai this year, very fulfilled but also very stressed. However, I start listen to ‘After the Jump’ every morning, it helps! a lot! for me to calm down and be more focused at the present. Knowing ppl around the world are supporting small business makes me feel so much better. Shanghai is changing far more faster these days, that brings up so many challenges and also stress. But I am happy with what I am doing, and I just want to THANK YOU for sharing tips and stories which explained lots of things and untied lots of knots for me. I think I can enjoy 2015 much more now. Happy new year to you and your team!! x

  • Thanks Grace, Did you change your URL? When I use my bookmark it tries to go to designspongeonline.com and that is what times out. I googled and went to designsponge.com with no problem. I’ll change my bookmark. Maybe you can get the old address to redirect? Happy New Year.

    • Hi LK

      We changed our URL 3 years ago, we haven’t been online.com since 2009. The old address has been redirecting successfully ever since, but we made a change with our server last week, so maybe that caused a bug. I’ll look into it right now :)


  • Happy 2015, Grace and crew! Can’t thank you enough for all you do to inspire, inform and enrich our lives! I cannot wait to see the progress unfold at your new home, love it!!! Xo