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DIY Copper Menorah

by Sarah Adiutori

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I love this time of year! Everyone is so festive – lots of parties are being planned, presents are being wrapped and celebrations abound. While in college, we would deck the halls of our sorority house with both Christmas and Hanukkah decorations, so began the first of many Decembers where both holidays would be celebrated in my home. To help you stylishly celebrate Hanukkah, you can create this copper menorah, which is so beautiful you may be tempted to leave it on your mantel all year long! –Sarah


-11.82 x 11.82 white tile, cut into a 11.82 x 3 1⁄2 inch piece (I had my tile cut at Lowe’s, call your local home improvement store and see if they cut tiles; some stores cut tiles for free or for a small fee.)
-Rustoleum Hammered Copper Spray Paint
-1 – 1” copper coupling
-9 – 3⁄4” copper couplings
-9 taper candles
-Strong glue (I used super glue fix-all adhesive)


1. Spray paint an 11.82” x 3 1⁄2” piece of tile using copper spray paint, allow to dry and apply a second coat.


2. When your tile is completely dry, lay out your copper couplings with the 1” coupling in the center of the tile and four of the 3⁄4” couplings on either side, evenly spacing the couplings across the entire length of the tile. Reserve the extra 3⁄4” coupling for later. Using a pencil, trace the inside of each coupling onto the painted tile.


3. Working on a piece of cardboard, apply glue to one side of each of the couplings and on the lines you traced on the tile. Let glue set for 10 minutes and then attach the couplings to the tile.


4. With the remaining 3⁄4” coupling, apply glue to the tile on the inside of the 1” coupling and to the remaining 3⁄4” coupling, let glue set for 10 minutes and then attach the 3⁄4” coupling to the tile inside of the 1” coupling.


5. Allow glue to dry overnight prior to using the menorah.

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  • Looks great! I’m forward this post to my son’s Hebrew teacher for a terrific class project for middle school boys.

  • Beautiful menorah! And it’s not a fire hazard. :-) Thanks for including us Chanukkah celebrants.

  • Thank-you! I’ve been looking for just the right menorah (I celebrate Chanukah in memory of my paternal grandfather, and stepmother) and this is definitely it.

  • Love this! I asked my husband to stop by the hardware store on his way home so we can make one, with a few modifications…The candles shown here are much too big. Hannukah candles are usuall 5″ tapered candles. The idea is to let them burn completely down each night, so a large candlestick that lasts many hours isn’t ideal. Since I need a piece of tile anyway, my plan is to find a nice looking scrap of marble tile and not paint it. I’ll send in a photo if it turns out well!