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David Stark’s A Christmas Story Fête

by Grace Bonney

A Christmas Story-Inpired Fete by David Stark Design at Design*Sponge
Classic holiday movies can be the perfect source of inspiration for your holiday bash! While playing around in the David Stark Design studios, we decided to forgo the poinsettias and evergreens and have some fun with our holiday table. Meet the wineglass leg lamp, inspired by everyone’s favorite holiday movie, A Christmas Story!

A wine glass with its single stem lends itself perfectly to the iconic leg lamp and translates to a super easy DIY. We made a few and lined them up down the table with a LED votive inside. The reference would not be complete without the packing crate that inspired the line, “Fra-gee-lay, It must be Italian,” from the Old Man. We made packing crate place cards and added our pals’ names. This year, consider hosting a get-together during the 48 hours when it will be shown (yes, 48 hours – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) on Turner Classic Movies. We double-dog dare ya! –David Stark

Tools and Supplies:
-Wine glasses
-Chipboard or cardboard
-Fringe scissors
-Glue stick
-Black marker or pen
-Black and off-white text-weight paper
-Craft knife
-1/8th inch black masking tape (optional)
-LED votives

Step one:

Make patterns!

For your “lamp shades” for the wine glasses, simply wrap a piece of paper into a cone shape and secure with tape. Place over your wine glass and mark the top and bottom of the glass with a pencil. After you undo the tape and cut along the lines, transfer this shape to chipboard or cardboard to make a pattern.

For the leg, we made a sketch by looking at images of the famous lamp online. Just be sure to make the leg tall enough to fit under the “shade” and touch the base of the wine glass. Transfer the leg shape to chipboard to make another pattern.


Step two:

Trace each pattern onto a sheet of off-white paper.

Cut out the shade. Before cutting out the leg, draw the famous fishnet stocking and high-heeled shoe, then cut.


Step three:

Cut black paper into strips. On one long side of the strip, use fringe scissors to cut fringe all along the edge. On the other long side of the strip, cut slits every ½” or so, making sure not to cut all the way through. Finally, using a glue stick, carefully glue the strip to the bottom of the shade – the slits will allow the paper to follow the curve of the shade.


Step four:

Bring both ends of the shade together and secure with glue. We added strips of ¼” black tape to mimic the seams of the lamp. (You could also use marker.)

Step five:

Using a bit of tape, secure the leg to the glass. Then, place the shade over your wine glass and drop an LED votive into the glass.


For the place card, we cut strips of the same off-white paper to create the iconic and infamous “FRAGILE” shipping crate from the film. We used the Stencil font found in Word to create the text, and printed on our off-white paper.


Make as many as you like and line them up down your table. Your guests will be delighted! Can-can anyone?

A Christmas Story-Inpired Fete by David Stark Design at Design*Sponge
A Christmas Story-Inpired Fete by David Stark Design at Design*Sponge

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