25 Gifts $50 and Under

by Grace Bonney

I’m almost at the end of my price-based gift guides, rounding out this week’s selections with beautiful, high-quality gifts that are $50 and under. In my family, we do a “Secret Santa” process, so we rotate who gets who a gift every year. Our price limit is always $50 and we all work very hard to find the best and most meaningful pieces we can in that range. I kept a wide range of recipients in mind, from hosts and hostesses to business owners, cooks and gardeners. Hopefully one of these pieces will help someone on your list start a new tradition at home or work. xo, grace

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Great Gifts $50 and Under at Design*Sponge (2014)
Shiny, fuzzy, smooth and glittery - something for everyone, $50 and under. Clockwise from top left: Gold Striped Glasses $39.50, Moon Earrings $30, Sunburst Xenia Taler Trivet $42, Plus Mittens $44, Peach USB Drive $36, White Clock $30, Marble Serving Board $38, Matte Marbled Cup $38, Leather Clutches $38+, Gingham Tray $40, Crystal Necklace $34.
Great Gifts $50 and Under at Design*Sponge (2014)
Beautiful details for the desk, shelf, windowsill and kitchen. Clockwise from top left: Planters $35, Marble Bookend $39, Ceramic Hand by Sarah Burwash $35, Summer Pitcher $48.
Great Gifts $50 and Under at Design*Sponge (2014)
For me, you can never go wrong with a gift that's living. Yes, it comes with responsibilities, but it also comes with a chance to learn a new skill and keep something alive and growing with you. I've learned so much from becoming a better gardener and now plants are my favorite gifts. These planters ($36 ) from Cara Taylor would make an excellent gift for any aspiring green thumb (they come with drainage holes!).
Great Gifts $50 and Under at Design*Sponge (2014)
I can't get enough of the natural shine in crystals and gems. This print by Hamish Robertson ($36) is a great example.
Great Gifts $50 and Under at Design*Sponge (2014)
Speaking of prints, I'm a huge fan of Kari Herer's work. This floral print ($30) would be beautiful in anyone's home, dorm or office.
Great Gifts $50 and Under at Design*Sponge (2014)
We've all picked up a handle that hasn't cooled down yet. That's not a fun moment. These felted pot handles ($28) keep you safe - and are super cute to boot.
Great Gifts $50 and Under at Design*Sponge (2014)
Pretty things for the table, clockwise from top left: Copper Shaker $36, Monogrammed Kitchen Towels $30, Marks Mug $30, Camp Mugs by Nic Newcomb $35 (We have these at home and they're beautiful).
Great Gifts $50 and Under at Design*Sponge (2014)

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