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The Importance of Customer Holiday Greetings

by Caitlin Kelch

The holiday season is right round the corner and while you may be dealing with mundane details like turkeys and last minute travel arrangements, it’s important to take 30 minutes to review those amazing moments and clients you’ve collaborated with over the past year. Not only is this a generally pleasant experience, but it also gives you a free-form way to visualize the types of work and relationships you want to focus your energy on in the coming new year.

A really wonderful and thoughtful way to reach out to those valuable customers and clients you’ve worked with is to create a holiday greeting that goes above and beyond the typical professional holiday card and chocolate bar with your logo on it. Taking the opportunity to create a “year-in-review” greeting that reminds your clients of all of the great collaborations you’ve done over the last 12 months is not only thoughtful, it’s just plain smart.


Image above: The cover of my client holiday + project review Booklette™ by Minted

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Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.12.54 PM

This post was created in collaboration with Minted. We’re so happy to discover their Booklette™!

I learned this lesson early in my career. Believe it or not, all of those 1950s salesman clichés around remembering customers’ kid’s birthdays and asking about their new pet are actually sound pieces of advice. Your clients and customers are relationships and while it’s good to develop boundaries you’re comfortable with, it’s also good to make it personal at appropriate times.

When I was in college at the School of Visual Arts, I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles one December to shoot a infomercial (glamorous stuff, I know). While my crew and I were roaming Century City shooting testimonials, we had the pleasure of interviewing a seasoned magazine sales professional in her office. I was shocked at the number of holiday cards that were stacked everywhere. There were literally hundreds. On her credenza, however, she had eight cards neatly displayed with her family photos. She had taken notice of my gaze and asked if I knew why those cards were placed there, away from the rest. I’m pretty sure I just stared at her with a light stand in my hand but she smiled and said “Because they reminded me of the best work I did this year.” I got it immediately.

From that point forward, I’ve always included a clipping, a drawing or even a simple phrase that reminds everyone who receives a professional holiday greeting from me that we’re all in this together and we’ve been lucky enough to have made some great work that we couldn’t have created alone.

This year, I was confident I’d be short on time as always so I made it my mission to find an easy but significant way to share some holiday cheer and reminders of great campaigns I’ve worked on with partners here at Design*Sponge. I thought it would be nice if I could find a novel way to include digital clips of client collaborations in a mini portfolio of sorts. While exploring the options, I remembered the new booklettes™ that one of our clients, Minted, offered. I checked out the format and it was perfect fit. Take a peek below!

Biz Greetings 2

Image above: Inside cover with holiday greeting and page 1 of my holiday Booklette™

I turned the mini-book into a holiday greeting and a review of some of the best work we’ve done with our most valued partners. Think about the 5 – 10 clients that have taken your work to new heights or who take the time to tell you how much they love your product with a note or email. Those are the ones that deserve a “credenza” card. And those are the clients who will remember the challenges you faced and met together. Encourage them (and yourself) to tackle the new year with fresh, creative ideas or a special piece for themselves or friends and family.  They’ll reach out to you to get started!

Biz Ladies 3 Biz Greetings 4 Biz-Greeting-5 Biz Greeting Envelope

Images above: My Holiday Bookette Pages 4 & 5, Pages 6 – 7, Back Cover and Envelope

Thanks so much to our partner Minted who keeps coming up with awesome ways to reach out everyone in your life!

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  • Thanks so much for this important reminder! Connecting to acknowledge and say thanks makes a wonderful impression.

  • You are right, building and maintaining the relationship with clients and customers is integral to a successful business, career and life! This is a great way to recap on the moments and memories of your relationships, thank you for sharing. I’ll have to bookmark this as a future idea!

  • This is such a thoughtful idea. I wasn’t sure from the pictures–did you customize the card for each customer, or did it apply to all you’d be sending it to?

  • Could you do a follow-up article on what exactly the value is in sending out holiday cards to clients? Do you have stories of how sending physical holiday cards made an impact on sales or branding or how clients felt about that business? I want to know exactly how this effort can make a difference. What makes it worth the effort?