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by Grace Bonney

One of my favorite people in the world of design and blogging is Lucy of The Design Files. Though we’ve only met in person once (Lucy lives in Australia), I am always inspired by what she’s doing and how she’s pushing herself to do more interesting and thought-provoking projects. Recently Lucy decided to create home tour films to go along with her site’s Australian Homes column. Video and interiors has always been a bit of a challenge for me, because it can be hard to capture the overall effect the way you can in a still photograph. But, Lucy has found a way to keep that essence of a person’s style and the flow of their home in this new film series. Produced by Paris Thomson/SIRAP, the films will take us inside the homes and lives of some of Australia’s most interesting residents. The debut video peeks inside the richly eclectic South Melbourne home of artist and collector, Greg Irvine. I love the way the film captures all of the intricacies of his home and collections. Hearing his voice and seeing the pieces at the same time adds a layer of personality that is hard to get in photography, so I’m so excited to see this new film feature come to life. Click here to check out more on Lucy’s site, click “play” to watch the film below and a big congrats from way across the (many) ponds! xo, grace



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  • He is such a character! … i got a giggle everytime he started to laugh! :D Super awesome that he is not shy to show the way he is through is art, his collections and the way to decor his house.

  • Rebecca, I totally agree! My jaw literally dropped open when I saw the sketch book.

    Totally unrelated, but I just wanted to say thanks to Grace and the rest of the Design Sponge team for all of the work and heart you put into this site. I’ve read off and on for awhile, but it was finally signing up for a blog reader that made me really appreciate how consistent (in both quantity and quality) your content is. Things like Max’s incredibly well thought-out questions for Ani Difranco and essay on gendered decor, and Grace’s essay on what she’s learned from blogging and the #wearefamily project lend the site a genuine, thoughtful, positive tone that I find myself appreciating more and more these days.

  • thank you for posting this video. as much as i aim to live minimally, i now crave 1,005 combs on my wall. his house was amazing…and that sketchbook made my heart stop.

    have a lovely weekend.

  • Lovely roundup – lots of nice Sunday reading for me! Still need to have a go at making those massive tassles!

  • Loved the article about Karim Rashid’s interior. His color palette is really crazy, but a lot of fun to see.