History and Culture in Art & Design: Veronica Corzo-Duchardt on After the Jump

by Grace Bonney

I’m nearing my 100th episode of my radio show, After the Jump, so for my final five episodes of the season, I’m focusing on the topics that are closest to my heart: family, tradition, culture, inclusiveness and the future of the creative community. I’m so excited about the final lineup of guests and this week’s interview was especially meaningful for me.

I got a chance to see a presentation given by artist, designer and printmaker Veronica Corzo-Duchardt at this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation festival. She examined a personal project she did focusing on objects owned by her late grandfather, Neche Eugenio Hadad. Neche was a Cuban exile living in the United States, and when he came to this country, he was allowed to bring very few things with him. What he chose to bring was fascinating and revealed so much about his life’s story, but it also inspired Veronica to create her own artwork. She showed her work next to Neche’s objects for a series called the Neche Collection and inspired so many people to re-examine and find inspiration in the objects from their family’s pasts, as well as their own.

On today’s show we talked about Veronica’s path to the art world, her decision to pursue two masters degrees, the ways in which history and culture shape her work and her desire to see more interaction between the worlds of fine art and academia. I was inspired so much by her idea of having meet-ups where people in different fields (like research, fine art, film and literature) could get together to discuss the ways in which their work overlaps and could be helpful to each other. It made me want to start another traveling series to connect more people in the creative community, so hopefully you’ll find the same sort of inspiration in her interview as well. Thanks so much to Veronica for joining me on-air! You can listen to her interview below, watch her WMC Fest talk here (and above) and check out her website, podcast blog and Twitter feed, too. xo, grace


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  • I’ve known Veronica online (and recently met her in person) and she is fantastic, as is her work. She has the point of view of an artist – but also the insight of a trained designer. I can’t wait to see where she takes Winterbureau. The story about about drivers ed and the divider – so brilliant! That was advice I really needed today. : )