Escaping the City: And North on After the Jump

by Grace Bonney

With every new generation in every city across the country, there comes a time when people feel the urge to get away from it all. Whether it’s a gradual move toward the suburbs or a major departure from apartment to farm life, more and more young people seem to be leaving behind the stress and expense of big city living for a slower and more affordable lifestyle somewhere else. In the case of New York City, one of the most common escapes is the Hudson Valley region. With rolling hills and valleys, mountain views and stunning riverside vistas, it’s no wonder the Hudson Valley inspired an entire school of painters. It’s also inspired scores of New Yorkers to “head north” and explore the towns and hamlets that make up this stunning part of the state.

Julia and I have been feeling the pull to head north, too. I’ve been following a number of websites and magazines dedicated to “upstate” New York (precise geographic lines for this region are a matter of debate among locals) and one of my absolute favorites is And North. Run by Westchester native and photographer, Emma Tuccillo, And North is a guide to upstate New York that focuses on creative businesses. Featuring everything from delicious restaurants and talented artists and designers to home tours and hiking guides, this beautiful website has become my go-to for weekend visits and great day trips. Emma started the site as a way to celebrate an area she loves so much (where she also attended college) and connect the creative people living in New York City with likeminded people in the Hudson Valley. I’ve been wanting to catch up with Emma and her team to discuss their project and profess my love for their stunning layouts and photography, so I invited Emma to join me on-air this week to talk about the inspiration for And North and her thoughts on the whole “northern migration” taking place with creatives in NYC right now. If you’ve never visited this part of New York, I hope Emma’s passion for the area will inspire you to check it out and check out And North online – it’s got great ideas for fall and winter travel as well as some stunning home tours. xo, grace

Photographs by Emma Tuccillo, Kelly Merchant and Bri Stachowski


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  • Such a great interview. I spend/have spent a good deal of my life upstate, both in the Hudson Valley and in the Adirondacks, and started following AndNorth a while back. I love their mission and aesthetic presentation. It was great to get a more in-depth sense of what they are all about and how the idea began and evolved, via this interview. I really enjoyed the observations about the longtime locals vs. new residents/visitors – such good questions! The mixing of new and old is really exciting, but also a little trepidatious at times… and I love their attitude of friendly curiosity in terms of discovering the region.

  • Can’t wait to listen to this! When I lived in NYC, we used to escape to Rhinebeck and other towns in the Hudson Valley. It was so refreshing to get away from the stresses of city life. I just finished an article by Jonathan Van Meter in the latest issue of Vogue about how he left Manhattan for Woodstock after 26 years in the city – you should check it out!

  • Thanks so much Susan, we really value your support and enthusiasm for the site! I hope to meet you in person some day soon!

  • Thanks Brannon, let us know what you think of the interview and the site. I will be sure to check out that article, sounds right up our alley!

  • Yay! The whole And North crew is lovely. So happy you had them on the show. P.S. Do it! As in, make the leap upstate! Or at least come up for visits on the regular. Lots of folks are scared of the winter up here but it’s a truly beautiful and cozy time to visit…

  • So excited to hear about this new site because we have numerous trips scheduled in the future upstate with a son who started college in Troy, NY.