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DIY Project: Marbled Table Legs

by Grace Bonney

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Every person has that dream material or finish that is always their first choice, should their budget ever allow. For some it’s brass, others a rich wood like walnut, but for me it’s marble. Marble all day. If I could top every table with old marble (I prefer something that’s worn in and less precious) I would do it in a heartbeat. But of course, my budget has only ever allowed for one piece of marble over the past decade (it was a steal I had to basically fight for at Brimfield). So I continue to Pin my favorite pieces and dream of ways to bring more marbled detailing into my home. But today we’ve gotten extra lucky because we have not one but two marbled DIY projects that give you that great marble look without that heavy marble price (and weight). Today’s first marble project comes from one of our favorite DIY bloggers, Petros Petrozelis of Hommie. Petros had the genius idea to use marbled contact paper to upgrade a simple IKEA table (#IKEAhacks4ever!) and I had to ask if we could share the full project here. Thankfully Petros was game and I’m thrilled to share his how-to after the jump. This is a fun way to add a marble detail to just about anything – tabletops, legs, even drawer fronts. Thanks so much to Petros for sharing this with us today! [All photos by P. Petrozelis] xo, grace

*If you need some more marble inspiration in your life, check out our favorite uses of marbles in homes. If you need help cleaning and restoring old marble, check out Daniel’s how-to guide right here.

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Click through for the full how-to after the jump!

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1. Two white Lack side tables
2. Marble contact paper
3. Pencil
4. Ruler (for smoothing the contact paper)

Petros has been working on a new table for his mother’s home, but needed it to be taller than an average side table height. Rather than hunting down the perfect small-but-tall table, Petros had the great idea to combine two inexpensive IKEA Lack tables.


1. Take four of the Lack table legs and, using a pencil, mark an X on the underside of each leg (the one without drill holes) from one corner to the opposite corner. (This will help you find the center of each leg.)

2. Cover each of the remaining legs with marble contact paper, using a ruler to smooth out bubbles along the way. Tip: cut the contact paper slightly longer than the leg and fold the remaining under the bottom of the table leg.

3. Assemble each extra long leg by attaching one marbled leg with one white leg, using the screws in the package.

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4. Attach the legs to the tabletop and you’re done!

Note: For this DIY project you will need only one table top. You can keep the extra for wood or for another project!

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