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DIY Constellation Pumpkin by The Merrythought

by Grace Bonney

DIY Constellation Halloween Pumpkin by The Merrythought for Design*Sponge
Star-filled skies are one of our favorite things about living out in the country. We love laying out on a blanket, gazing up into the inky blackness spotted with twinkling stars, trying to be the first to spot a falling star or find the pattern of a constellation. We thought it would be fun to bring a bit of the night sky to our pumpkin display this year and it gave us a chance to “carve” pumpkins using a less traditional method – with a drill!

DIY Constellation Halloween Pumpkin by The Merrythought for Design*Sponge
It’s fun to look through all the constellations and pick your pattern. You can do a bunch of smaller pumpkins with different constellations on them or find a large pumpkin and do a few constellations all on one pumpkin. Drilling pumpkins is actually pretty fun, so you just might want to go crazy and fill your porch steps with the night sky! –Caitlin and Manda of The Merrythought

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-Drill and assorted drill bits
-Black spray paint
-Tea lights


1. Use a sharp knife to cut off the top of the pumpkin. Be sure to cut at a 45 degree angle so the lid will have a place to rest when you replace it.


2. Clean out the insides and use a spoon to scrape the walls as smooth as possible.


3. Tape off the stem of the pumpkin and spray paint the rest of the pumpkin black. Let paint dry and remove tape.


4. Print out constellation patterns on paper. (Try to find ones that show which stars are brighter.)

5. Hold the constellation tightly against the pumpkin and use assorted drill bits to drill out the stars.

6. Use a v-chisel to connect the stars. (You can use a ruler to help keep your lines straight.)


7. Insert tea lights at the bottom of the pumpkin.




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