After the Jump: Quarterly and the Art of the Care Package

by Grace Bonney

Growing up, I went to an all-summer girls’ sleepaway camp in West Virginia called Camp Alleghany. Those summers taught me about so many things: archery, independence, how sad the song “The Circle Game” makes me and, most importantly, the value of the almighty care package.

These days we don’t turn to tangible connections as often as we used to. Mix tapes have been replaced by sharing digital playlists on Spotify and lovingly arranged packages from friends and family are now delivered in the form of virtual gifts on social media platforms. But there is a website that has dedicated itself to “recapturing the romance and impact of a well crafted package”: Quarterly Co. Founded by a fellow camp care package fan, Zach Frechette, Quarterly is a subscription gift service that delivers quarterly packages curated by people like Nina Garcia, Tim Ferriss, Pharrell, Bill Nye, Food 52, Q-Tip and Creative Bug. We’re about to launch our own curated gift box with them soon, so this week I invited one of Zach’s colleagues, Aron Levinson, to join me on-air and talk about why Quarterly does what it does.

Our conversation was less about products and selling and more about getting back to the heart of what makes me fall in love with any type of object – the story behind it. We talked about how telling a product’s story can make people better connect with and appreciate handmade work and we had fun talking about all the ways these curated boxes could brighten someone’s day and introduce them to someone, or something, they would have never found before. I’m really excited about what Quarterly is doing and so excited to start curating our own kits, so I hope you’ll enjoy this show as much as I did.


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  • Holy cow, Grace—you just made my day! Is there a way to get on a list so I can make sure I don’t miss out on the D*S subscription when it launches?

    And this was a great interview. I love the subscription concept, and it was interesting to hear some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the business model.