10 Second Studio Tour

10-Second Studio Tour: Wishbone Letterpress

by Maxwell Tielman

It’s hard to imagine that just a few short years ago, Danielle Bliss, the founder and creative mind behind Wishbone Letterpress, was working the overnight shift at a national news show, commuting hours for work, and barely having time to keep her life —or her mind—together. During this time, Danielle and her boyfriend began dreaming of a better (slightly less exhausting) life together, something that often materialized in the couple’s weekly tradition of making wishes over leftover dried wishbones. “These wishes,” Danielle says, “often revolved around me not having to work at night anymore, or commute. Starting a letterpress business was the way that I eventually saw that happening.” In 2010, after fortuitously stumbling upon a letterpress machine through a Craigslist posting, Danielle’s wish came true. Starting at first in a family member’s rented-out basement, Danielle quickly began accumulating more machinery and printing materials, officially opening for business in 2011. “We struggled for a few months to come up with the name,” Danielle notes. “Then we saw a wishbone sitting on the windowsill awaiting our next wish, and we knew right away that Wishbone was THE name.” Today, Wishbone has gone on to become a successful purveyor of beautiful (and hilarious) paper goods and Danielle’s commute to a light-filled studio in Kingston, NY is only a short drive away. Check out our 10-Second Tour of Wishbone’s digs above or continue after the jump to see all of the photos from our visit! —Max

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