10 Second Studio Tour

10-Second Studio Tour: Hudson Made

by Maxwell Tielman

In a world where it’s not terribly surprising to flip over a so-called “artisinal” product to find a “Made-On-The-Other-Side-of-The-Planet” sticker firmly adhered to it, it’s refreshing to know that Hudson Made—a purveyor of locally sourced craft products—calls the small hamlet of Andes, New York home. Accessible only after traversing the winding Route 28 through the Catskill Mountains (especially picturesque this time of year!), this small, almost Rockwellian town is a good three hours away from New York City and more or less devoid of cell coverage. These qualities, however, seem perfectly suited to the company’s old school charm and back-to-basics ethos. Hudson Made’s proprietor, the designer Bill Hovard, was kind enough to invite us up to Andes recently for a tour of his company’s headquarters, and we’re so happy that we made the trek! Housed in a former gallery, the space is at once minimal and effortlessly charming, Hovard’s collection of handcrafted products displayed almost like works of art within it. A diverse, yet complementary assortment of soaps, grooming supplies and accessories, these objects are not just beautiful, but wonderful reflections of the region in which they are made. Check out our 10-Second Tour above or continue after the jump for all of the photos from our visit! —Max

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  • Cool! I have a weekend house in Andes and didn’t even know about this. Will pop into K & K tomorrow. I could use some scullery soap.

  • I love Bill’s aesthetic — it is warm and sophisticated. The Hudson Valley is lucky to have so many wonderful producers, collectors, creators and aestheticians.