10 Second Studio Tour

10-Second Studio Tour: Greentree Home

by Maxwell Tielman

One of my favorite things about living in Upstate New York is getting to meet all of the wonderful, creative people who call this region home. One such person is Jenifer Green, the owner and founder of Greentree Home, a handmade candle company located in the Catskill Mountain town of Treadwell, NY. Ever since Jenifer founded Greentree in 1992, the company has been a go-to purveyor of stunning candles—each made from 100% beeswax and available in all manner of unusual and beautiful forms. Last week, Jenifer was kind enough to invite us into her workspace to share a behind-the-scenes look at her process. The space, a small, one-level building that Jenifer shares with her woodworker husband, Don, is a treat to behold. The earthy smell of melting beeswax fills the air, candles solidify in their moulds around the room, and prototypes in a range of colors line the shelves. With a strong demand and hundreds of candles in-process at any one moment, there is little time to make things picture-perfect, but this is undoubtedly part of the studio’s charm—boxes and tools of the trade line tabletops, while multi-colored dribbles of melted wax cover the floor, forming what almost looks like a large-scale Jackson Pollock. Check out our 10-Second Tour above or continue after the jump for all of the photos from our visit! —Max

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  • I enjoyed the artical Max. Photos were great. Make me want to buy candles for everyone. Do they have a store front?