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24 Hours in Scarborough, England

by Stephanie

Up in the Yorkshire area of England sits the coastal city of Scarborough and the talented local illustration duo of Buttercrumble, Chloe and Abigail. This seaside locale boasts quaint coffee shops, bakeries, theaters and more of which Abigail shares with us today. Take a tour of this northern England town and we hope you’ll stop by to say hi to Chloe and Abigail, too. –Stephanie

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24 Hours is Scarborough

9 am: Chloe and I set off from our home into the town centre. The weather isn’t that great (it’s a bit cloudy) but hopefully it’ll clear up. It only takes about 10 minutes walking and then we are there! This is the Great British High Street where all the main shops are. We like to come here every weekend and it’s always busy on a Saturday morning.

9:30 am: We walk down the High Street to Marks & Spencer. Here we have coffee and some cake with our Mum and a look around before going to get the newspaper and a few other essentials.

24 Hours is Scarborough

11 am: Next we visit the local bakers, Cooplands, and pick up a pasty for lunch to fill ourselves up. I think pasties are a staple food in the British diet! Yum yum. Would have loved to get a bun, too, but we get something sweet a little later. After all, sweetness is our weakness.

1 pm: After some lunch, we walk down to the beach which is the main attraction at Scarborough and is what many people visit for! I feel really lucky to have been brought up by the seaside because it’s provided lots of happy childhood memories, although I’m not too keen on the seagulls. The sea has provided lots of inspiration for our illustrations.

24 Hours is Scarborough

1:30 pm: We stop off at the Harbour Bar which has been around since 1945 and the décor still hasn’t changed. We are big fans of vintage so we love the 1950s design. The ice cream here is award winning and our favourite flavours are lemon, chocolate and strawberry (but not all together).

2 pm: The sun is now shining so we quickly lick up our ice creams before they melt all over us! Opposite the Harbour Bar is the TARDIS and all of you “Doctor Who” fans will know what that is. It’s really just a police telephone box, but that’s the local joke.

3 pm: We have a walk around the Harbour and take a good look at all of the fishing boats and crab and lobster cages. We’ve found that they’re good to take pictures of. It’s a great idea to visit on an evening when it’s dark and the lights reflect off the water and twinkle.

24 Hours is Scarborough

4:30 pm: By this time we walk around the Marine Drive, which is a long road connecting the North Bay to the South Bay. On the way around the Marine Drive, we stop off and have our picture taken with the popular Freddie, who is a giant steel sculpture. This sculpture was created by Ray Lonsdale who has made many other sculptures for the surrounding area.

24 Hours is Scarborough

5 pm: By this time we are quite tired from all the walking we’ve  done so we decide to head back home. It was a lovely day, though, and we’re so glad the sun shined for us. If you’re looking for somewhere quaint and full of character, then we would definitely recommend a visit to this North Yorkshire town.


Eat Me Cafe
Gianni’s Restaurant
Cat’s Whiskers


Homebird House
Retro 36
Violet Lux

Arts & Entertainment

Stephen Joseph Theatre
Scarborough Spar
The Rotunda
Open Air Theatre

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  • Scarborough looks gorgeous, I got a campervan this year and am really enjoying holidaying in the UK this just might be the next place on my list.

  • I spent my childhood in Yorkshire, and this was our favorite seaside destination. What lovely memories came back while reading this feature! Thanks!

  • I love cooplands… their cheese straws are the best, and I have fond memories of knickerbocker glories at the Harbour Bar…. nice to see my home county featured on DS!

  • I’ve been to Yorkshire before, but never to the coast. I’m embarrassed to admit I knew little about Scarborough beyond it being a Simon & Garfunkel song, but will definitely check it out next time I am in the area.

    Good article and great pictures!

  • This is great! I’d like to use your blog on my webpage. Is this ok?
    Ailsa (Scarborough’s sister)