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Lighting DIY 101

by Amy Azzarito

One of the easiest ways to update the look of a room is by changing out the lighting, and as we start moving toward shorter days and longer nights, it can have a huge impact on the way you feel in a room. We’ve rounded up our favorite lighting DIYs plus some fantastic Before & Afters to get you inspired to make a lighting change. And if you’ve never played with lighting, it’s easier than it looks!  –Amy

More Technical How-Tos:

-How to rewire a lamp: rewiring a lamp is simple with a lamp kit, but here’s a good step-by-step if you need more of a breakdown.
A guide to changing out your ceiling fixture. (And just a few things to keep in mind, if you’re putting new fancy lighting in the bathroom.)
-Looking for some lighting options that don’t involve flexing your DIY muscle? Check out 10 Best Table Lamps and 5 Pendant Lamps that Always Work

Image above: Give an IKEA lamp a handmade look with a simple DIY knotted lamp cord.

Image above: All you need is wax paper, ribbon and a hanging-planter basket and you have a capiz-shell chandelier from Brenna’s paper capiz-shell chandelier project.

Image above: Update track pendant lighting with custom feather lampshades.

Image above: Pendant lights are easy and versatile. This project is the perfect way to add lighting to even the darkest corner. Get all the project details here.
Image above: This marquee letter light is made out of paper and string lights.

Image above: You could scour flea markets for a vintage version or just DIY your own cork lamp.

Image above: Turn a birdcage into a light. Complete with tiny little birds. See all the details here.

Image above: This little ambient lamp channels the look of a sea sponge and is made entirely of tape!

Image above: An easy way to create a new pendant light – oversized IKEA lamp shade + IKEA pendant light + silver leaf!

Image above: The secret to this sculptural light is muffin wrappers (sans muffins)!

Image above: The urchin chandelier Stimulight from Etsy is the finishing touch to this dramatic kitchen makeover. See all the details here.


Image above: The new fixture is a key component to this dining room transformation. See images of the full transformation here.

Image above: Updated lighting is the perfect modern detail in this breathtaking dining room transformation that took place a mere four weeks after moving into a 1800 farmhouse. Get all the details here.

Image above: A run-of-the-mill kitchen gets a complete makeover with new lighting in just three short weeks. Get all details here.

Image above: The oversized lighting that pops in this dining room was created by a design team in Toronto. See all the details here.

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  • haha – i clicked on the article about replacing a light fixture, and the picture in the article is THE EXACT LIGHT i want to take down myself. Serendipity!

  • Wow. I love the bird cage idea. I’m not overly ‘modern’ in my decorating, but eclectic I go for, and that is pretty amazing! I’ve seen taking old colanders and turning them into lamps for the kitchen (I have a green one I am holding on for when we buy a house again)… that birdcage though is a great option for the living room!

  • I can’t believe how much you transformed those kitchens; good work! I’ve been thinking about installing some new light fixtures in my home, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to do it. Do you think I should hire an electrician? It would be nice if I could have a chandelier like the one in your pictures!

    Lily de Grey |