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The Design*Sponge App by DWNLD

by Grace Bonney

It wouldn’t be fall without a few new projects getting ready to see the light of day. While we put the finishing touches on a much-needed Design*Sponge redesign/make-under (to launch later this month), we’re happy to have one new web project ready: a free Design*Sponge app!

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 8.21.43 AM
It’s been driving us (and many of you) crazy that our particular custom blog layout doesn’t play nicely with most mobile browsers, so DWNLD offered to help us out with a new app platform that turns your blog into an easy-to-use app. The new app allows you to easily browse your favorite sections (like home tours, before & afters, etc.) and click through to the latest posts. The app offers in-app browsing (so you won’t have to open a separate program on your phone or iPad every time you click a link), larger easy-to-read text, easy image zooming and a simple swipe motion will take you to new posts in a snap. You can also tap to mark and save your favorite posts in the app and easily send yourself posts to remember or share them to your social media accounts. It’s so many of the things we wanted in a mobile version of the site (stay tuned for search functionality) so we’re thrilled it’s finally up and running! You can download it for free in the iTunes store right now.

*When our redesign is launched later this month there will also be a MUCH improved mobile version of the site that you can use directly on your phone or iPad’s browser if you prefer to read that way.

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  • Any plans for an Android version? I’d really like to use this, but I have a Samsung.

    • hi melissa!

      we put in that request and hope one will be made available soon. dwnld is a new company so they’re growing quickly and expanding to meet needs as quickly as possible.


  • PLEASE reconsider the pop-up ad on the bottom of the screen when you launch your redo. It seriously diminishes my joy when looking at your beautiful, well thought out content.

    • hi tracy

      do you mean the app or d*s? there shouldn’t be a pop-up ad on d*s at all. did you scroll over something that popped up or did it just pop up on its own?


  • Just downloaded your app and it looks pretty amazing! Love the fact you can start browsing right away from the main page. Lovely flow and clean design, pleasure to browse.
    All the best,

  • Hey grace-
    On d*s. It pops up on it’s own across the whole bottom of the screen about an inch tall. I close it & it pops back up. It’s for a variety of items- levi’s, itunes, cars.

    • Hi tracyr

      Can you tell me the next time it happens what it says for the URL if you scroll over it? We don’t have any pop-ups like that scheduled on the site so I don’t know where to look to cancel it :(


  • Yeaaaaa!! Finally a site that has an app for MY phone!! I love my Windows phone but everyone always starts out with Android and Iphone and I have to wait or just miss-out!! So then sometimes I don’t ever go back because I’ve since forgotten!! Thank you!!!! Great stuff here!! I’ll tell you more specifically what I like more, another time because it only helps if people tell you “what” they like instead of just a generalized compliment. Then you know where the interests lay and what might need tweaking or working more on! I used to work in marketing so I understand a little more than most when certain things are important to focus on and others that you can just let be the odd one’s, to stay for those who think differently! I DO love on your app for my phone where I can enable a camera for each design and screenshot those applications….. great idea!!

  • Just so you know, I don’t have any adds popup on the bottom of my screen at all! You might need to update your phone’s apps and also delete any cookies or cache’s that have been secretly installed or are hiding and running in the background. I don’t believe it’s D*S’s app, but that’s just my opinion based on it not appearing on my phone!!

    • Susie

      Sadly the host company that made this app service went under, so you can just use the regular (new and improved) mobile version now :)