After the Jump: Monster Mash Up

by Grace Bonney

This week I took a short break from blogging and social media to work on a special collaboration that’s coming up on Design*Sponge soon, but is still under wraps. Because I was away from the office and studio, the team at Heritage Radio, where I host After the Jump every week, had the clever idea to create a mash-up show where we took three successful shows from the archives and combined them to focus on one larger topic.

So this week’s monster mash-up episode is devoted to GETTING YOUR CREATIVE BUSINESS OFF THE GROUND! In this episode I’ll tackle how to overcome procrastination and make yourself an a more efficient (and healthier and happier) business owner, how to discover your voice and translate it to social media and how to work on plans to grow your business with integrity while maintaining your original vision and spirit. I don’t often get a chance to look back on earlier shows and topics, so this was so much fun. To see all these topics together makes so much sense and hopefully it will be a great resource to anyone looking to jumpstart their business or take their first steps toward starting their own creative company. Thanks for listening! xo, grace

*Thanks to Anne Ditmeyer for the photo above!


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  • Thank you Grace for these detailed tips.
    I think the most important thing is to be yourself, and not be afraid to trying new things.
    When you are starting your business, you go through ups and downs, and you tend to give up sometimes and you get scared.
    This helped me go back on my feet and want to be a fighter again.
    Thank you!