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16 Creative Office Transformations and Upgrades

by Maxwell Tielman


Every time I begin to feel the cool chill of autumn rolling in, I start to get a restless mixture of anxiety and excitement—no doubt a remnant from the back-to-school butterflies that used to accompany the beginning of every September. While this time of year often finds me mourning the loss of long, sun-filled summer days, it also finds me channeling my butterflies into more productive activities: reorganizing my calendars, filing away long-neglected stacks of papers, and taking the time to rethink the arrangement of my at-home workspace. I find that sometimes some good ole inspiration helps to pull me out of my end-of-summer rut and into full-force-ahead autumn organization mode. If you’re in need of some similar inspiration, we’ve got some good stuff for you ahead! Sixteen fabulous home office transformations culled from our Before & After archives, filled with tips, tricks and surprises for your own home. Check out all 10 after the jump! —Max


1. An underutilized garage gets turned into a spacious at-home studio.


2. A drab office gets a cool, moody new look.


3. Even an awkward corner can be put to good use—as a miniature home office!


4. A vintage suitcase does double-duty as a bulletin board and a wall-mounted filing cabinet.


5. A dingy office chair gets a big upgrade with some new fabric upholstery.


6. A clutterbug office gets swept up, cleaned out, and turned into a colorful new workspace!


7. A girl’s bedroom gets upgraded into a rustic, open office.


8. An old wooden toolbox finds a new purpose—as a wall-mounted office supply organizer.


9. A dull-colored filing cabinet gets an easy spruce-up with some patterned gift wrap!


10. An broken-down airstream trailer is transformed into a backyard art studio.


11. Old dresser drawers are up-cycled into a wall-mounted organization system.


12. A neglected indoor pool room gets overhauled into a spacious studio.


13. A dinged-up old dresser is transformed into a beautiful, functional supply station. 


14. An old typeset tray gets a new life as a colorful desktop organizer.


15. A tiny corner gets upgraded into a charming home office.


16. In a nod to old school days, a collection of wooden rulers is transformed into a decorative pendant light!

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  • WOW!! I always enjoy “Before and After” transformation series! Our office went through a bit of a transformation too! It’s always a great feeling seeing the final results of all the hard work put into a transformation :)
    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  • The airstream trailer is transformed into a backyard art studio is wonderful. Right now I’m going through a camper/trailer phase. I’m redo one in my back yard as a kids play house. I’m thinking of doing another as a chicken coop. I guess I need to add one as an art studio now!

  • WOW! So awesome! O_O
    The “before” and “after” pictures are just great, wow.
    I’m kinda speechless how much you can change a room o_o
    Never thought it would make such a BIG difference, wow!

  • Maybe this isn’t the appropriate place to ask, but is it just my machine, but sometimes when I visit the site, I can’t get past the main page, none of the articles have clickable titles and the “After the jump” is missing. Is this something to do with my browser? I had to click through the facebook page link to get to this page.

    • Katchups

      I’m so sorry to hear that! What browser and version are you using? We’ll troubleshoot this asap- you can also email me at DESIGNSPONGE AT GMAIL DOT COM. :)


  • Very clever ideas! I’m about to embark on an office overhaul as well. Thanks for the inspiration!