After the Jump: Turning Fear Into the Courage to Ask for What You Really Want

by Grace Bonney

This week’s radio show got to the heart of something I think about a lot: fear. For me, fear is both a huge obstacle and motivator. There are days when I’m able to feel that familiar terror creep in and remember to run through it to the other side and days when I crumble and let it just sink in a bit longer. But lately I’ve been fed up with the crumbling and want to spend more time using that nervous or scared energy to push through to new skills, experiences and opportunities, rather than letting it sideline me again. So today I asked one of the bravest women I know, my wife, to join me on air to discuss the ways in which anyone can learn to face fears, push past them and use them to discover the things you really want in life.

In addition to sharing personal stories of fear, success and failure, we break down the simple steps that anyone can use to push past scary moments. The overview? You need to acknowledge and envision your worst fears, talk them through, assess the cost of not trying something scary and imagine yourself being able to achieve at least the first step toward your bigger goals. We’ll break down the process in easy-to-digest steps on air, so I hope you’ll join us for the conversation. And I’d love to hear your stories of running toward the things that are scary and making that leap to the other side. Whether you fell and learned a lesson or managed to jump and land on your feet, your stories are helpful to everyone reading here. Thanks so much to Julia for joining me on air and to all of you for listening. xo, grace

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  • Loved this episode, Grace! Your point about the opportunity cost of not taking a risk around 23:45 was particularly insightful. Hoping to enact this philosophy in my life soon :)

  • Love the rejection therapy idea but I’m afraid to start being looked like a crazy person ha :) I’m such a control freak so this would be a great therapy for me.
    I also liked the idea to think which is the true motivation to pursue things, so you can think more possible paths to get there instead of being stressed for a failure.
    Thanks so much for this episode. Cheers from Buenos Aires!

  • So great. I love the part about imagining what your life would be like if you didn’t do the thing and imagining all the small steps in between starting a project and the massive end result is also so helpful. I think in a way major success really can feel more scary than failure because it has so many unknown variables, whereas failure is just failure. Sometimes it feels like these shows know what’s going on in my life and tell me exactly what I need to hear!