Radio Hits: Your 10 Favorite Episodes of After the Jump

by Grace Bonney

Every year the radio station from which my radio show, After the Jump, is broadcast takes a two-week break to gear up for fall programming. This year I’m using my radio break to think BIG about the show and try to reimagine the format to include new and exciting features, more interview clips with people from across the globe and more resources to help people get inspired and stay motivated with their creative businesses. One of the ways I try to learn what people want more of is to take a look at what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t. While I was digging into my stats to see what shows had been most successful, I thought it would be fun to share the shows that people have enjoyed the most so far. It can be tougher to figure out these stats than you’d think, as there are so many ways and places people can listen to shows (on this site, on other sites, through iTunes or other apps like Stitcher). I used a mix of all these stats to calculate your favorites and I am so excited to see how I can integrate more of these ideas you liked into shows going forward. If you have any requests for the fall season, please feel free to leave them below. So many of my shows come from direct listener requests, so feel free to request to your heart’s content – I’m listening. xo, grace

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Becoming your Brand: This show remains, two years later, the most popular show I’ve ever done on-air. In this episode I was joined by my co-worker Amy Azzarito to discuss the best ways to “become” your brand in a digital age. We touched on topics like visual and written voices, how to use social media, how to stay true to yourself and how to decide what you share (and don’t share) online. We also discussed ways to respond to and deal with negative feedback as well as the best way to respond to people who enjoy your brand and how to encourage them to grow and change with you over the years.

Interview with Sex & The City Set Designer Lydia Marks: Lydia Marks is perhaps best known to our community as the person who designed the beautiful interiors in the first Sex & The City movie. Say what you will about the plot of the film, the interiors were gorgeous. Lydia has been behind some of the most beautiful interiors you’ve seen on the big and small screen, so talking to her about her technique and resources was a blast.

Expressing Your Voice through Social Media: Social Media has become an obsession of mine, but one I truly enjoy figuring out and learning from. In this episode of After the Jump I break down my technique for finding your unique voice through social media. This is the show that inspired and became the basis of the sold-out social media courses we now teach in Brooklyn.

The Hidden Costs of Handmade Design: This episode is my favorite interview I’ve ever done on-air to-date. Kathryn Fortunato and Claire Mazur of Of a Kind joined me to discuss (in wonderfully open and vulnerable ways) the true costs of handmade and independent design. From uncovering what it takes to ensure quality control, produce domestically and use ethically sourced materials to being honest about the future of “fast” fashion and design, these women were a true inspiration to listen to.

Turning Jealousy Into Motivation: This show was inspired by a wave of posts I was seeing online in which women seemed to run away from or curse the very idea of jealousy. While I understood the underlying sentiment that it was a tough feeling to deal with and that it could lead to comparison, I felt strongly that women should be encouraged, like anyone else, to turn that difficult emotion into motivation to achieve what they truly wanted. Rather than running from jealousy, I spent the entire show breaking down the feelings we have, how to interpret them to discover what’s missing from our lives and ways to use that energy to work toward getting the things we really need to be happy.

10 Habits of Healthy and Happy Business Owners: On this episode I decided to put my research cap on and dig deep into every business book and article I could find. After weeks of researching what made business owners happy, healthy AND successful, I combined those results into one podcast where I shared my findings. From work/life balance tips to encouraging time outside of the office, this show is a great one to revisit throughout the course of your business to remember why it’s important to take time off and stay inspired outside of your daily tasks.

Interview with Blogger & Photographer Todd Selby: It’s no surprise that Todd Selby is someone people love to hear from. He’s built an amazingly beautiful and successful blog and he’s written best-selling books inspired by that website. This was one of my more challenging interviews, but I’m so glad people enjoyed listening to it.

12 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Business: On this show I teamed up with my wife and cookbook author Julia Turshen to discuss the 12 things we WISH we’d known before starting our businesses. From hiring the right advisors to learning to set boundaries between life and work, this show is at the top of our stats across the board. I think everyone enjoys hearing what can be learned from things that don’t always go well.

Lessons, Mistakes and Achievements (The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from Running Design*Sponge): On this episode I decided to open up the vault of things I’ve learned from the many mistakes I’ve made running Design*Sponge. I’ve always been someone who learns better from mistakes than successes, so I break down all the things I’ve learned over 10 years of running this site so hopefully YOU don’t have to repeat some of the missteps I’ve made.

15 Apps I Can’t Live Without: This episode was the first real “resource” show I did without a guest. I had fun diving into all the geeky – but completely helpful – apps I use on a daily basis to run my business and my day-to-day life. From my beloved Boomerang to Task Rabbit, these are the tools I use to get things done on a tight schedule.

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  • I would love hear you interview Martha, Saipua, Rebecca Atwood, Sarah Owens, Michelle Quan and Jennie Love.

    Also a segment about how you and other makers/ designers organize your weekday/ week would be cool.

  • Grace! I absolutely love After the Jump. It has been so inspirational to me as I begin the journey of starting my own design-oriented business. I often feel I would love to hear from someone that has transitioned to the design world mid-career or has started their business while continuing to work a full time job! It often feels overwhelming and would love to hear some success stories and strategies that have supported that transition! Keep up all the amazing work with the radio. It is such an excellent and unique resource!

  • I really enjoy After the Jump and look forward to listening to a few of these I missed the first time. Would you please add a tab for After the Jump to the webpage? It’s a little hard to find them. Thanks!

  • It wasn’t until I saw your recent post about social media that I even knew you had a radio show! With this complete list, I now know what I’ll be doing for my Labor Day weekend! You have always been an amazing resource for me. Thank you for everything you do!

  • After the Jump is one of my favorite things. It has helped me navigate the entrepreneurial journey, lifts me when I’m lacking confidence and addresses preceisly the swirling questions and concerns of this small business owner/creative. You’ve been my running buddy through these years, Grace! I listen to ATJ as I pace through the streets of my West Sonoma County neighborhood. Your evolution is evident, as the episodes become stronger each year. It’s been so cool to listen to your personal stories of growth, challenges and changes. Many times I’ve high fived you, alone, in headphones, and running shoes. Thank you for After the Jump – purposeful work, indeed.

  • Hi. I love this show!
    Just wanted to let you know that the episode Finding your voice through social media is not available either through iTunes or Instacast. It doesn’t appear in the list. Anyway, just downloaded the mp3 through Heritage Radio.

  • Grace – I listen to the business/life hack shows over and over and have prescribed them to many friends as an antidote to confusion and self doubt (ask for exactly what you want, embrace contracts, remember and celebrate how far you’ve come)
    I appreciate your honesty, wisdom and most importantly your generosity in sharing what you’ve learned. My 10 favorites are: episodes 23, 31, 39, 50, 63, 64, 66, 69, 70, 82

  • Hi Grace!

    I’ve only recently discovered your site through Instagram and I’m very excited about this post you’ve put together and can’t wait to get started listening to these podcasts!

    Happy ten years!

  • Hi Grace, I caught up on a string of your wonderful radio shows yesterday (the makers and retail and pricing and what is branding series), and just wanted to say a huge thank you for your generosity in producing these shows. They are such a treasure for anyone starting along the design path – and great fun to listen to! (It’s like Christmas to go to iTunes and find a whole string of unheard “after the jumps!”)