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Our Favorite Canadian Homes

by Amy Azzarito

I don’t have an actual TV anymore – only Hulu – so I don’t watch as much HGTV as I used to. But when I go home to visit my mom, our activity of choice is binge-watching HGTV. She kindly loads up her DVR in anticipation of my visit. Our favorite shows have always been the Canadian ones – “Property Brothers,” “Brother vs. Brother,” “Love It or List It” and of course, I’m a longtime Candice Olson fan. I love the Canadian shows and Canadian design is simply fantastic. So from tiny bungalows in Winnipeg to townhouses in Vancouver, choosing only 10 homes to represent such a design-enthused country was certainly not for the faint of heart. So I don’t blame you, if you’d like to double-check my work and pick your own favorites, you can see all of the Canadian homes we’ve ever featured  here. –Amy

Image above: A 1,000-square-foot bungalow in Winnipeg, Canada is a home and workspace for One Plus One Design, a boutique design studio.

Image above: This giant pull-down map from 1967 is the star of the living room in this townhouse  located just outside Vancouver. This couple loves color so they decided to leave the walls bright white and add pops of color with the furniture pieces they’ve collected over the years.

See all our favorite Canadian homes after the jump!

Image above: Textile designer Bev Hisey has lived in this Toronto home for 15 years. For the first 13, she was a renter until she finally had the opportunity to buy it just a couple of years ago.  And after 13 years, she had a long wish list of changes. She completely opened up the home, making it bright and airy.

Image above: This living room is filled with the Victorian details that make this 1905 Toronto home so special.

Image above: Photographer Jess Loraas hung a 1950s textile made of  vintage vegetable-dyed army fatigues above the bed in her Calgary apartment.

Image above: This apartment in a little seaside village outside of Vancouver is bright and happy and filled with fun little details.

Image above: The bed frame was a roadside find in Prince Edward County, in a rural town in southern Ontario. Three of the rooms in this home are rented out to artists as part of their Spark Box artist residency program.

Image above: The dining room in this 1875 Victorian townhouse in Toronto is ideal for entertaining. It’s perfectly moody at night and when the leaves are inserted in the table, fifteen people can fit for dinner.

Image above: Two dogs, one cat, a 7-month-old baby, two adults and a business all share this 1930s farmhouse in the town of Nelson in British Columbia.

Image above: One of our all-time favorites: A school-bus-turned-vacation-cabin.

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  • I have the first imaged pinned. I love everything about it. The map, the brick wall, the couch(!). I’m definitely going to check out the school bus turned vacation home post. Thanks for sharing!

    – Christina

  • Love this collection of Canada spaces. I really like the one with the grey couch it has fun posters and throw pillows and the room looks open and well lit.

  • A happy Canadian here who loves hearing you enjoy my favourite W network shows too. Brother vs. Brother is a recent favourite!

  • Oh my gosh these are incredible! I’ve been fortunate enough to live in three parts of Canada – I grew up in Vancouver, went to university in rural New Brunswick (East Coast) and now live in rural Ontario. It’s true – Canadians take a lot of pride in our homes!

  • That school bus is insanely gorgeous. I’ve seen amazing SB conversions, some really high end, but the feel of this one is my definite favourite. Thanks for the kudos on Canada. Hilarious to see my friend’s house posted on his partner’s page. I messaged AGES ago when you were doing the spotlights on cities to cover Nelson (from VanCity but have lived in Nelson for 15 years now) and I STILL think it’s worth it to write up. We have an amazing design/arts school, gorgeously cosmopolitan downtown and funky heritage vibe. Let me know if you’d like an insiders perusal!

  • I could look at Bev Hisey’s home once a week I think. I’ve seen pictures of it a hundred times and never get tired of it.

  • I have in my bed a cylindrical pillow like that one in the picture, But mine is a Live longer Pillow which i filled entirly with a rare wood curls and this pillow is comes from Italy, because this special tree grows only in italian Alps.