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Making Textiles Work in a 100-Year-Old Home

by Amy Azzarito

We peeked in Paige Morse’s house in 2011, but for this interior stylist, art director and prop and wardrobe stylist, her home is never really done. So in the last three years, she’s made quite a lot of changes. (You can compare the home’s different looks here.) When Paige bought this one-hundred-year-old home in Dallas, Texas back in 2009, it was considered uninhabitable. So in order to get a mortgage, she had to design all the renovations herself, source the materials and then find a contractor to complete all the work – all within thirty days. The home didn’t even have a kitchen, so Paige put in a kitchen and added a second bath and laundry where two closets had been. She wanted to keep the original feel of the home so she did research on period appropriate fixtures and details for craftsman bungalows. She chose a classic neutral palette for the walls and permanent fixtures to complement the saturated color and texture that she brings in with art and furniture – such as the blue velvet that she used to recover her hand-me-down sofa. Paige says that she wants her home to be a true reflection of her personality and lifestyle. Because she spends so much time executing other people’s visions – whether on a set or designing another home – she wanted the space that she created for herself to be the truest representation of her own personal style and point of view.  –Amy

Photography by Lauren Logan

Image above: “My living room is more like a formal sitting room or conversation room. My favorite piece of art is prominently featured here. It is a painting of the Southern California ocean by a local California artist. It has lots of little rips and scratches on the canvas and the frame is falling apart in sections, but I love it exactly as it is and would never have it mended or repaired. It was one of those kismet discoveries of pieces. I had just gotten off a plane from a trip to Laguna Beach and my brother picked me up at the airport. We went home to drop off my bags and decided to make a cup of coffee and go for a walk. When we stepped outside his house his neighbor was having a yard sale and this beauty was there and priced at five dollars. I had no cash but had to have it, so my brother bought it for me along with some other gems and we carried them back home. Every time I look at it I am reminded of so many happy memories of my trip there and my thoughtful brother.”

Image above: “This little desk area is situated in my mud room. The desk and chair are vintage and handed down from my sweet grandmother. I like to create little vignettes throughout my home to showcase my most treasured items. And all the foreign currency was from my travels and when my airbnb guests noticed I had taped it to the walls, they started to add to it from their home countries as well. Foreign currency makes such beautiful art and it is one of my favorite collections to date. Mostly because it was gifted by people who enjoyed it as much as I did.”


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Image above: “This is one of the most talked about pieces in my home when people visit. It is a small settee made from vintage kilim rugs. The details are insane. Can you see all those little tassels at the bottom? The throw was brought back from my travels in Mexico and the pillows are made from vintage wedding cloths from India. I love every little detail about this corner of the room.”

Image above: “I love creating little vignettes throughout my home and incorporating nature and natural shapes. The blue and white ceramic pot and tiny wicker basket were purchased by my mom while she was on her honeymoon in Mexico with my dad. And now I have them in my home. Doesn’t get much better than that. For me, this is such a treasured piece. And all the feathers I place in pottery were collected over past years at my parents’ ranch near Austin. I love pieces with history that remind me of my family and all the places we have been and where we call home.”

Image above: “My house is an old bungalow so the rooms aren’t large, but it has surprisingly high ceilings. I decided to take advantage of this by raising the curtain height and playing with scale by adding a large chandelier and an oversized coffee table to a room that is actually quite small. The oversized furniture and chandelier actually make the room feel much larger (design rules be damned!). And I love having lots of seating. The vintage leather chairs came from my grandfather’s old office and are matched with pillows from my travels. I wanted burlap curtains for neutral color and a natural element and texture so my mother made them by hand for me.”

Image above: “My house is so filled with color, sometimes I need a little reprieve. So I knew black would be the perfect backdrop for my bedroom. This room signifies total teenage rebellion to me. I have been decorating my rooms with my mom since I was teeny tiny, she has always encouraged me to be creative. And as cool as she was with so many (odd) decorating choices I made as a child she absolutely drew the line at an all-black painted bedroom. And I wanted one SO badly, and that is why I have one now. This is pretty much my version of simple, because I usually prefer a lot more pattern and color. But if you look closely, it’s all still there. Just subtle and quiet versions of my favorites.”

Image above: “Because the bedroom is so dark I wanted really light and soft bedding and accessories. It really makes the bed stand out in the room instead of blend into the walls. I love feathers, and find them wherever I go. So I really wanted one of the beautiful JuJu ceremonial hats that are worn by the Cameroon people. To me, it is a work of art (the back and how it is constructed is just as fascinating to look at as the front). In researching beautiful objects like these, I learn so much about other cultures and the rituals, practices and way of life. It gives me such a sense of respect for the artists who make all these beautiful pieces by hand and the history that this piece holds. I really like to play with pattern and texture so I mixed vintage pillows and blankets from my travels or that were sourced in other countries online with new pillows and a blanket I bought close to home. And I love that smokey grey velvet headboard, I really wanted something soft behind my head at night and I love the way velvet shines in the light. And it makes me happy that it was a Craigslist find. I am a major supporter of high/low decorating. It really creates a layered mix of pieces in a home, and makes having beautiful things more accessible. But I really love the thrill of finding a good deal!”


Image above: “This is one of my favorite rooms in my home. A lot of people probably don’t want to look at details of insects while eating dinner. Luckily, I am not one of those people. I love insects and nature and can’t get enough – even at the dining table. I am also a chair addict (obviously), so I used the wishbone and two of my grandmother’s vintage chairs at the table for everyday use. I then lined the walls with others for when company comes over and we add the leaf to the dining table. There are ample places to sit at my home.”

Image above: “I wanted a kitchen that felt appropriate to the period of the house so I replicated my grandmother’s kitchen from my childhood. White subway tile (you can never go wrong with white subway tile), hexagon white tiles for the counters and bull nose tile in black for the edges. My mother made the skirt over the trash bin out of vintage ticking fabric.”

Image above: “The most important component to make the kitchen feel true to its time was having a cast iron sink and a wall-mounted faucet. Just like my grandmother had.”

Image above: “I am a textile fanatic. This is the room in my house where I really just let them all do their thing. A Suzani on the wall and pillows from my travels cover a sofa I draped in a large canvas drop cloth and then let everything else collect on top.”

Image above: “Theses pillows with all their pattern and texture seriously blow my mind. I found them in Chiapas, Mexico last year. I loved everything I saw there so much I had to buy an extra suitcase to get it all home.”

Image above: “You will find little collections and vignettes of things all over my house. I can’t walk by something without shifting things around. A ball of twine, old glass bottles, succulents, and plants and leaves that are way past their prime are always on display.”


Source List

Living Room

  • Hand-me-down sofa from my mom recovered in blue velvet.
  • Light fixture from World Market
  • Pillows are vintage Kuba and kantha cloth, purchased from my time as Associate Creative Director at Wisteria.
  • Paint is Grey Matters by Sherwin Williams


 Desk Area

  • The California print was purchased on Etsy, a gift from my sister to commemorate all the time I spend there.
  • The globe and vintage metal stand are also vintage.
  • The Edison lamp is from West Elm.
  • The side table was made by my friends digiovanni + kozel who make amazing custom furniture in Austin.
  • The backpack is from Herschel.
  • Throw brought back from my travels in Mexico
  • Chair from my grandmother

 Living Room

  • Settee old Wisteria
  • World Market chandelier
  • Wisteria coffee table


  • Headboard Craigslist
  • Juju hat Etsy
  • Pillows from West Elm
  • Front kilim pillow from the Rosebowl
  • Moroccan blanket Etsy
  • Moroccan rug from Domino Magazine
  • Throw purchased in Mexico.

 Dining Room

  • Light fixture Ballards
  • Rug Wisteria
  • Chairs vintage from my grandmother
  • Wishbone from Wisteria
  • Art from Wisteria warehouse sale
  • Peacock chair from Craigslist
  • white fur throw from IKEA.
  • Recently repainted my whole house in Grey Matters (because it does) by Benjamin Moore


  • Boho Moroccan rug from Nannie Inez in Austin
  • Swiss Coffee Paint by Benjamin Moore for the cabinets
  • Taran window cover vintage
  • white and black enamel wear vintage
  • macramé plant holder from Etsy

 Textile Room

  • Coffee table West Elm
  • Vintage kantha cloths
  • Pillows from my travels and Etsy
  • Suzani from Time and Again in Dallas
  • Drop cloth from Home Depot
  • green velvet pillow with tassels Anthropologie.


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  • Paige’s 2011 sneak peak is one of my all time favorites, so I love seeing how things have evolved! I’m having total Juju hat envy–love it all!

    • @Holly! Me too! I was just saying to the team that I love those Juju hats! :) xoAmy

  • I am way older than most Design Sponge readers (I’m pretty sure of that) and have been reading shelter mags forever. I used to be so excited to see a new issue of Traditional Home or House Beautiful but no more. Now everything is so highly designed and professional and impersonal and expensive and BORING. There used to be wonderfully personal homes like this one with pieces that have meaningful provenance and are unique and inspire uniqueness in others. Thank goodness we have venues like Design Sponge who find and share these homes. I LOVE this one, I LOVE the fact that Paige knows where every feather and textile came from and usually collected or carried each home and that she respects the wabi sabiness of an old painting and frame. this is just great. thank you

  • Lovely! Those Mexican pillows and throws add the perfect touch of texture and depth. I love these posts that show how people live in their homes with their textiles or purchases from trips to other countries. I can never get enough Mexico. The handmade work is so amazing. Gracias!

  • I am curious about the paint color. I could not find Gray or Grey Matters on the Benjamin Moore website.

  • Loved it then. Love it now. Tasteful with a great balance of various items and looks really welcoming. Well done Paige.

  • Thank you so much for the kind comments everyone! And it is Gray Matters by Sherwin Williams. I used Benjamin Moore in other rooms and must have accidentally combined the two in my notes. That should help you in your search!

  • Dana, you hit it right on the head with your comments about the authenticity of these homes versus the impersonal oh-so-perfect ones in the magazines you mentioned. (And like you, I am WAY older than most of the readers here, but in my heart, well, I plan to be forever young.)

    This home just overflows with beautifully crafted inspiration and love. Every single thing is outstanding in its own way, yet harmonizes with everything else.

    That black and white bedroom is to die for, so peaceful and alive at the same time. And there’s a paint sale at Sherwin-Williams this weekend….oh do I dare?

    At any rate–gorgeous home, and many thanks for sharing it with us!

  • I just love the quotes you guys get behind each photo. I can scour the rooms’ details and reflect on what I love before reading what the homeowner has to say on the pieces she loves. It then starts to feel like a conversation between the reader and homeowner, which is really a pretty miraculous feeling, with each of us picking out different but also remarkably similar bits and pieces that we love.
    This time I frickin’ love the textiles she picked up from around the world. God, those pillows are art all on their own. Plus I got a great new insta to follow. :)

  • This home is so inviting and warm. The beautiful textiles add such style and colour and make the space really homely. I think the bedroom looks gorgeous, dark and sumptuous – definitely somewhere to chill out, the headboard is stunning.

  • Really love the balance in the palate. I’m a huge fan of painting and I can really appreciate the ideal behind using the painting as is. Everything from the sofa to the pillows carry an authentic style. Really awesome décor within a such a small time, Paige!

  • Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen texture and layering done as well as they are in this house. And I LOVE that she replicated her grandmother’s kitchen, such a special thing to do and a fabulous way to make a brand new kitchen have an important history.

  • Good God this might be one of my favorite peeks of all time… Her ability to layer the textiles, materials, colours, textures is what dreams are made of. For reals and seriously bravo!

  • i am 72 years young and the first thing I do when I come into work in the morning is check out Design sponge. My home was built in 1777 and I have been working on it for the last 7 years-the inspiration I receive from this site is unending. Thanks to all of you who have shared their beautiful homes!Paige, your home is incredibly thoughtful and elegant!

  • I love what you done here. The effect is vintage and classy. There is a touch of bohemian in your prints that adds character to the room where they are placed. And, the simple colors you have chosen for some of your walls help to make the colors in your fabrics pop out, making them look vivid and alive. Beautiful!

  • loved reading the comments on this post as much as i loved this home…you have the nicest, most thoughtful blog readers! and, this home i lovely and deserves all the compliments it received. so many personal, lovely details i can’t stop looking at.

  • This is one of the prettiest homes I’ve ever seen on DesignSponge! Just gorgeous! Love all the textiles. The only thing I didn’t like were the bug prints in the dining room, but they still looked perfect in the room. I really enjoyed this home tour. Thank you!

  • Is the settee made from the vintage kilim rugs from Leftovers in San Francisco? If so, I was lusting over it when walking by in the mornings!

  • Absolutely wonderful home! I love everything about it!!! Would absolutely love to know where those geometric painted flower pots came from, they’re divine!

  • Love the home…would you provide some info. about the curtains. I like them and wondered about the source.

  • Hi everyone! Thanks for all the sweet comments. And yes to The Olson Farm, bug prints at the dinner table aren’t for everyone. But they definitely are for me. ;) Cass, the settee is from Wisteria but from many years ago, I have heard rumors of sitings in other places since then, so consider yourself lucky to see one in the wild! Megan, the geometric painted flower pots came from, wait for it… Ross! Gina, the curtains were cut from a roll of raw burlap and sewn by my mom. And great news, you can find burlap at most fabric stores! Thanks again everyone. xo Paige

  • Would’ve been nice if the name of the artist who painted that gorgeous ocean scene was included! I’m sure he or she would’ve been really appreciative of the acknowledgement, instead of just merely going by the very obscure description of “southern California artist.”

    • Amanda

      We always ask for those details, but sadly those aren’t always available or something people remember. I doubt it’s anything done on purpose. I will check with the owner again to be sure, but if you know something feel free to let us know and we can check and update the post.