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Before & After: A Basic Garden Shed Gets Spruced Up

by Maxwell Tielman



If you’re anything like me, the hot days and nights of summer are spent on the front porch or in the backyard, soaking up as much of the outdoors and fresh air as possible before winter shoves me back inside. Although this time spent outdoors is great for catching up on summer reading, work or conversations with friends, it also presents the opportunity to tackle long-delayed projects like gardening, house painting or a good ole garden shed repair. Garden sheds are great for storing tools and materials, but they often remain forgotten and forlorn in the backyard, an afterthought compared to other, oftentimes more pressing projects. Still, when given just a tiny bit of time and attention, they can become a beautiful focal point, a lovely complement to your home and your yard. This is exactly what Heather Barrie, a Charleston-based event designer, was going for when she decided to give her own garden shed a fabulous spruce-up. Starting with the flowers she wanted to adorn the shed as the basis for a color palette, Heather set about painting and decorating the shed, giving it a fresh new look that was a breeze to accomplish. Check out all of the photos, plus Heather’s design notes and flower list after the jump! —Max

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