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23 Brilliant Ideas & Projects For Your Home Office

by Maxwell Tielman


I don’t know about you, but even though my school days are long over, the onset of September still gets the butterflies in my stomach going and I suddenly feel the urge to buy pencils, notebooks and fresh new planners. This yearly stirring presents a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf at home, too—a second January, if you will. September usually finds me clearing out desk drawers, reorganizing my filing cabinets, and sprucing up my at-home workspace. If you get in a similar mode when the fall mood sets in, we’ve got some snazzy, handy-dandy tips, ideas and projects to get your back-to-school/back-to-work workspace in tip-top shape! Check out all 23 after the jump! —Max

Above: Take a page from Yield Design Company’s book and turn a large portion of your office’s wall into a peg board—you’ll find endless uses for it, from organizing to a place to hang inspirational artwork!


Above: Turn a fallen branch into a beautiful notepad station for reminders!


Above: Got extra closet space but no room for a home office? Turn one of your closets into a miniature office area!


Above: Transform run-of-the-mill cork boards into a stunning showpiece with a few easy pieces.


Above: Tired of the same-old pushpins? Get crafty and make some of these easy gemstone-shaped ones!


Above: Organize your desk or craft table by corralling your essentials into jars on a small tray.


Above: Make a beautiful keepsake storage box for all of your letter-writing and stationery needs.


Above: If you’ve got some scrap wood lying around, turn that bad boy into a snazzy (and handy!) pencil holder!


Above: … Or you can use your scrap wood to make a charming little stand for your smartphone!


Above: Keep your books from falling over with these easy-to-make pyramid bookends.


Above: Got a two-person home? Butt two tables up against each other to create a functional communal workspace!


Above: Try your hand at these affordable hand-painted paper organizing boxes.


Above: Or, if minimalism is more your forte, try these color-blocked storage boxes made from folded paper!


Above: Give your office supplies a makeover with this tried-and-true marbling technique!


Above: Hang books, magazines, folders and more with this shockingly simple DIY project!


Above: Put a luxe twist on the age-old hanging clipboard technique with this lucite and gold option!


Above: Color-code everything from keys to cords with these easy-to-make tassels!


Above: Need something to do with those phonebooks that keep getting piled up on your stoop? Try making one of these phonebook letter organizers!


Above: Or, if you want to show off your green thumb, try out this charming nature-filled organizer!


Above: Craft a stunning modern paperweight with paper and concrete!


Above: Keep your letters corralled with this simple yet beautiful leather mail basket.


Above: Craft a remarkably easy, absolutely beautiful organizer for papers and letters from a piece of wood and some scrap leather!

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