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Printable Freebie: Gemstone Bookplates

by Maxwell Tielman


One of my favorite online discoveries of the last year was the British Library’s Flickr stream. Not necessarily what you’d expect from a social media page, The British Library’s Flickr functions as a massive, searchable online compendium of scanned imagery, largely in the public domain. In other words, a crafter’s goldmine! Ever since I discovered the Library’s feed, I’ve been poring over it on a regular basis, bookmarking images of planets, gems, geometric shapes, and nature for future use in projects. These bookplates—perfect for all of your summer reading—feature images of gemstones and minerals culled from the British Library’s collection. Just print out the template (below), cut out, and affix to the endpages of your books! Happy reading! —Max 




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  • Thanks! I work in a library and I think I will decorate my desk with these prints.

  • These are fantastic. I am in the process of moving and have just cleared out a large portion of my book collection. I will use these for my gems that made the cut! Thank you guys so much.

  • The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has digitalized 150,000 of its works and uploaded them onto a website (there is also an app) called Rijks Studio. All the works are free to be used privately for your own creations or for businesses. They also have their own Pinterest-like board on the site where you can pin your choices for future use. You will also find pin boards made by Dutch designers like Droog. And it is all free…very cool!


  • This is a wonderful resource, Max. Thanks for the link. I’m a newbie to Flickr; how do I do searches within the British Museum page? Thanks for any help you can give. All of you at D*S are the best.

  • Hi, Tina!

    To search a user’s Flickr stream, simply use the search box in the upper right corner of any Flickr page. When typing, a drop-down menu should open that allows you to search a specific user’s photos or everybody’s photos.

  • That Flickr link! Incredible! Thank you so much for sharing. Now off to fill my head with fanciful library images until I explode…