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DIY Mirrored Trellis

by Grace Bonney

Right now I can’t get enough of my garden. To be honest, it was kind of a dirt pit at the beginning of spring, but since then a lot of work has gone into it, so I’ve really been taking time to appreciate the fruits of my labor. We’d added a fence for privacy, but I wanted to make the space feel bigger and glam it up a bit. Having always admired the mirror trellis used by the ever-chic Miles Redd, I decided to try to make my own. I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results! Keep reading for my step-by-step guide to this glamorous garden trellis, and be sure to check out all the tips and tricks I used for my full garden overhaul on the One Kings Lane Style Blog! —Megan

Photos by Lesley Unruh


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Materials for DIY
Here’s what you’ll need:

• A drill
• A 3/16” drill bit (make sure it’s okay for use on plastic)
• A dozen one-inch wood screws
2 J brackets (for hanging)
A premade trellis
• 1/8”-thick mirrored plexiglass cut to size (I bought mine at a local spot, but lots of hardware stores carry it)
• A quart of outdoor paint (I used Benjamin Moore’s Raccoon Fur)


To begin I painted my trellis the same color as my fence on the front and back. This is a little time-consuming, but once you’ve finished this part you’re almost done. I watered down my paint a bit, which really seemed to help the paint coat the uneven surface of the wood.

Tip: It also helps to use a painter’s tarp and lay the trellis flat on the ground.

Once your paint is dry, lay the mirrored plexi (mirror side down) over the back of the trellis.

Next predrill through the back of the plexiglass every place you plan to put a screw. I put one screw in each corner and one about every 18 inches along each side. I also predrilled the spots on the top edge where I planned to attached the J hooks.

After you’ve predrilled all your holes, secure the plexiglass panel in place with your wood screws.

Finally, attach the J brackets to the back of the trellis at the top edge. These brackets are like little hooks that fit through the horizontal slats of a fence and will allow the trellis to hang on the top of a fence slat. It also allows me to remove the trellis in the winter if I want.

Tip: You might have to adapt your hanging hardware a bit based on your fence situation. You could also attach a picture-hanging wire to the back of the trellis and hang it from a nail or a screw.

That’s it. You’re done! Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. To see some behind-the-scenes images of the making of my garden, follow me on instagram @mepflug #WeekendDecorator

Photos by Lesley Unruh


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  • Grey window looks perfect with green surroundings, you made a perfect decision by choosing that :) And above all, what a fantastic garden it is, so fresh and lively. This is nothing less than an inspiration for me, I guess I will be doing something similar with my area now!

  • Megan is such a great DIYer . I love every aspect of this project , all is so doable and simple.

  • That looks so great! Question though… How in the world are you going to clean that mirror??

  • Chris, great question! I’ve found that the mirrored plexi doesn’t really show much in the way of grim or water spots because of the trellis in front of the mirror. I just spray it with my garden hose and that seems to do the trick. You can also use windex for outside (http://bit.ly/1rtCmJd). It comes in a bottle that attaches to the end of a hose. It’s a streak free air dry formula.

  • What a fabulous oasis…. LOVE…LOVE….LOVE….IT!!!
    And, using the fire pit when not in use as a table with simply putting a pre-cut piece of glass on top of it.

    Can you tell us where the fire pit is from?

  • Such a simple, yet brilliant idea! One of those ideas where I’m thinking, “Why didn’t we think about that!?” Nice job thinking out of the box and using a great indoor technique, outdoors! Bravo!

  • Tell me what you think of this idea that I got from this post…

    I have nosy neighbors and a 6′ fence out back surrounding my pool area. Do you think it would be possible to flip something like this up on top of the fence to add 2′ more height, (8′ total)? I have been long debating what I should use to extend the height.

    I’ve considered aluminum roofing material sandwiched inside wooden frames, ivy plants grown from the bottom, climbing a 8′ total trellis, smaller 2′ trellis with the ivy plant boxes hanging from the top of the fence.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I love the way your project adds the illusion of space. Great post.

  • I just found your blog today (12/21/2014) & am totally hooked! You have such wonderfully artistic & creative ideas/projects (which I’m going to steal without remorse …hee hee hee). I know I’m going to learn a million things from you so…..Thanks a bunch!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  • just gorgeous!! thank you for sharing; your garden is my new inspiration. :)

  • Hi! Have been waiting to do this prohect until I had a fence. Now that I do, we scavanged an old frame but are struggling to find the mirrored plexiglass –was it quite expensive? Also how has it held up to rain/moisture.

    Thanks so much.

    • Same here – having trouble finding the mirrored plexiglass.. Home Depot had plain plexiglass but it was pretty pricey. Any help suggestion appreciated! Chicago

  • I love the look but I have always had trouble with birds flying into anything with a mirror in my garden. I hesitate for that reason.

  • Your backyard is such a beautiful sanctuary!
    Did you make/install the fence? I have been looking EVERYWHERE for horizontal fence panels. Also, what did you decide on for landscape rocks? Are they from HD?

  • You’re backyard is beautiful! I have been browsing for ideas for small outdoor spaces. We have such a small space outside and right now it’s so bare and sad. I want to liven it up with lots of plants and furniture! I’m curious where you got your fire pit?! Again, great job!

  • You did really well. I love to see more do it yourself stuff. How much time did you spent for building?
    best regards