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Biz Ladies: Mission Organization

by Stephanie

Last week I did a quick roundup of some great Biz Ladies posts that may help to keep you moving through the summer slowness, and today I thought I’d share another selection of articles that offer some great advice and resources on keeping organized. Whether you are planning on taking some time off or just need to finally implement a system that helps to keep your business in order, these Biz Ladies pieces may help launch your own “mission organization.”

If you are anything like me, the intention is always there to keep everything in order and on track. My to do list is refreshed every morning and my desk is tidied every night, but that never seems to solve my problems of total and utter lack of organization. Sometimes life likes to throw you a curve ball or make you juggle one too many balls at once and things get messy, chaotic and downright disorganized. So what’s the solution?

Unfortunately, there is no, single answer to the disorganization dilemma that plagues a good number of us, but there are plenty of options to implement and try out. While I’m still on the hunt for the method that works best for me and my businesses, I’ve gathered the below articles to offer some great options to kick things off. It’s time to clear the mental and physical clutter once and for all…or at least get a head start on it! –Stephanie

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