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Biz Ladies: Beat the Summer Slowness Roundup

by Stephanie


It’s a natural fact that the summer season often leads to a slowness – mentally, physically and business-wise, too. We all seem to enter this “vacation mode” where everything can be pushed back or postponed…except for pool time, of course. And while I’m the biggest proponent of taking a break (or many for that matter) and enjoying the outdoor glory that is summer, this may, in fact, be the perfect time of year for you to get a bit of a head start and beat the business crowd by checking some of those always-lingering tasks off of your to-do list.

Whether it’s launching that Pinterest account you’ve been wanting to start or finally getting your finances in order, I say take advantage of this slower pace and shorten that checklist of wants and needs…and don’t forget to have a BBQ or two!

I’ve collected some great, past Biz Ladies articles that cover everything from organization and strategy to marketing and social media in the hopes to inspire some summertime motivation. – Stephanie 


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