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After The Jump: 6 Shows to Help Grow Your Business

by Grace Bonney

Elizabeth Weinberg
Working away from the city for the past two weeks and taking a break to get out into nature did a lot to clear my mind. A good dose of cool mountain water helped me refocus on what was most important to me in my work life, which boiled down to surrounding myself with people I respect, admire and find inspirational. Two of those people will always be Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer, founders of the online magazine and shop, Sight Unseen.

I’ve known Monika since her days back at I.D. Magazine, where Jill was an editor as well. After the magazine closed, they immediately joined forces to build a site where they could focus on telling the back stories of the artists and designers our community admired most. From their first studio and factory tours to their latest additions in their online shop, Jill and Monika have kept curation and innovation in mind. In a time when it’s tough to run an online shop that doesn’t cater to a more mainstream audience, they’ve found a way to stay true to themselves, their mission and the artists they stand behind.

On this week’s radio show they joined me to talk about HOW they make that work, what keeps them going and the biggest lesson they’ve learned about working at Sight Unseen so far. In this episode we’ll cover: How to curate a shop and website with purpose, How to stay profitable while targeting a more niche market, How to scale a business while staying independent, Content Creation, How to Find New Artists and How Artists and Designers Can Stand Out.

I hope you’ll enjoy this show and a few more below if you’re looking to find inspiration to grow your business and stay true to yourself and your style. xo, grace

*Photo above by Elizabeth Weinberg


Here are 5 more podcasts to check out if you want help and inspiration to grow your business with purpose:

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  • Such a great show! Sight Unseen always shows me something unexpected and challenging – I love that about the work they feature. It was great to hear more about the curators, their vision and how it’s grown – where they’ve taken things and how/why.

    Especially loved hearing more about the long vs short form posts, and magazine, as distinct from blog.

    BTW – this might be a weird question, but what/who are songs/bands for the podcast music? I love the snippets.

  • I’m a big fan of yours and have been following your blog for awhile. Because I live outside the city (in the Berkshires) I don’t get your radio show, so I started listening to your podcasts. I may not be your target audience (a boomer “re-inventing” myself….yes that tired cliche) but your radio show has been a bonanza for someone like me trying to navigate the social media landscape. You’re a fantastic interviewer and your insights into the world of branding, marketing, and social media have been so helpful!! Keep it up…..please!! And many thanks……