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  • Is this really true?

    If another man or woman looks right to me–even though I’ve already made a serious commitment to one that I want to keep for life–are they right? Is a new outfit I cannot afford–even though it looks good on my body–right for me?

    Sometimes nicely packaged quotes whisk us away in their nice sounds, but if we think about them, they really don’t make sense for the way we want to live. Sometimes it’s good to bring light to that. There’s got to be a better compass to live by than just acting on things that feel right.

  • Oh dear…I’ve known people who’ve brought a lot of sorrow and difficulty to others by living that way.

    • Emily & Jordan – Dorothy Draper was referring to making decorating decisions. The quotation is from her book “Decorating is Fun!: How to Be Your Own Decorator.” She is saying if it looks right, go with your gut as in “I love the pink coffee table who cares if it matches anything else, it looks great to me.” Amy

  • She’s a very cold, detached character, so the quote works for her in every aspect of her life, and that’s why it’s such a great quote. It is either or completely vapid, depending on where you aim it.

  • Morals based on feelings? No thank you. Everyone being led by their feelings is a recipe for chaos and moral decay. It sounds so pretty though if you don’t put any thinking into it.

    • Julie

      Most of Dorothy’s comments that we see thee days were in reference to aesthetics and interior design. I have a feeling that’s what she’s talking about here (and so are we).


  • Oh – that is completely different! I’m so glad you clarified. Sometimes you all talk about life philosophies, so I assumed this was under that category.

  • :-D Oh this is funny! How much a sentence can create different reactions (and a lot of dissent) according to its context. Anyway, in this case I think it could be right for both decoration and life or moral choices (come on, be flexible guys). As long as I don’t hurt anybody of course. One more thing, it would be nice to have the source when you quote someone (btw thanks, Amy).