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  • Interesting and often overlooked information: Coco Chanel was a Nazi sympathizer and there are claims she at times acted as an agent for the Nazis during WWII. During the war she closed down her factories & shacked up with General Walter Schellenberg, chief of German SS intelligence. She attempted to absorb the Chanel company shares of Jewish shareholders who were forced to flee for their very lives. I love Design Sponge and very much respect the postings you guys choose. Usually it is so clear that you diligently research things & ensure your posts are a positive reflection of your values and tastes. Let me be clear, I absolutely acknowledge that Coco Chanel was a hardworking and very talented woman who changed the woman’s apparel industry. She has been praised and exhaulted in modern culture and I think there is better wisdom available from women who acted with more honor in their lives.