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Textiles from Around the World at Home in Charleston

by Amy Azzarito

If you follow Harper Poe’s Instagram feed, you’ll know that she’s always off on some great, textile-filled adventure – from Guatemala to Niger to Morocco to Peru. It’s all just in a day’s work for her Charleston-based textile company Proud Mary. Harper works with local artisans in five different countries to produce her ethically sourced label that boasts baseball hats made with Guatemalan fabric, Peruvian-made Alpaca ponchos and lizard bottle openers made in West Africa. Shopping in her online boutique is like a little trip around the world. So when Harper rests her head on the (boob!) pillow in her Charleston home, she likes her furnishings to feel calm and relaxed, allowing the textiles and other souvenirs that she’s picked up on her travels around the world to shine. –Amy

All Photography by Olivia Rae James

Image above: “I switch out the sofa textiles about every month. Because the weather has been amazing and summer is starting, I felt like the tie-dye and crochet pillows and Fulani blanket, all from Mali, would add perfect pops of color. The large print of the marsh over the sofa, by my friend Sam Kweskin, is a constant. I looooooveeee it!”

Image above: “I love the light and the wooden rafters in my bedroom. It feels cabin-like and cozy.  I keep my bed fairly simple, and with the exception of the Gravel & Gold Boob Pillows, switch out the blanket and rug periodically.”



See more of Harper’s Charleston home after the jump!

Image above: “I love this little vignette in my living room. I have so many textiles, the leather butterfly chair adds some lightness and masculinity.”

Image above: “The pink chair is a hand-me-down from my Mom. I say I’m going to reupholster it every month but when I see it in photos I fall for it again…so pink it stays!”

Image above: “African textile books stacked on my coffee table with a Moroccan wedding blanket (the anti-white with sequin kind) as a rug.” 

Image above: “I love a white sofa and because I have a white cat it only makes sense.”

Image above: “Peeking through a new book about the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe. It’s such a good inspiration and overview of global craft.”

Image above: “Dream catcher and other random collected art above my dresser.”

Image above: “A few of my favorite things including Design*Sponge At Home book, baby shoes from Senegal, bowl from Morocco, salt dish from Turkey, and a few other trinket souvenirs from friends.”

Image above: “My galley kitchen is light and bright and hardly every used. I should turn it into something. Thoughts?!”

Image above: “I do enjoy a good cup of coffee. I do a pour-over using a Hario V-60. Makes a bright cup of coffee!”

Image above: “Marsha. What a dream boat!”

Image above: “Marsha drinking out of the faucet, per usual.”

Image above: Bedroom vignette.

Image above: “Teeniest closet on the planet with a stack of 50 scarves weighing down the door.”

Image above: “Sneakers I’ve been collecting for the past 12 years. I don’t wear them very often but I’m a sucker for a pair of Nikes.”

Image above: “View into my office as I’m packing up a big shoe order.”

Image above: “My office/studio. Working from home is both amazing and very difficult. I am gone so much it makes sense for me to work at home at this point but I do hate that I can’t cut it off.”

Image above: “Random favorite things in my office.”

Image above: “A basket full of shoes from Morocco and some things I brought back from my last trip to West Africa.”

Image above: Clothing samples.

Image above: “Proud Mary sign by the awesome ladies at Stitch Design in Charleston.”

Image above: “My always-in-progress-but-still-love-it porch. The best thing about Charleston is its porches.”

Image above: “French doors leading into my kitchen with curtains from Mali that I did for Anthropologie last summer. I’m trying to get better at keeping plants alive. That little cactus was a gift from a friend after I killed my 2-foot one this winter.”

Image above: “I killed some ferns in this location so I’m trying a succulent.  They always say, “there is no way you can kill this plant.”  We’ll see how this goes. I bet I can!”


27harper 28harper

Living Room:
Pillows on the sofa, Proud Mary
Blanket on sofa picked up at a market in Bamako
Print over sofa by Sam Kweskin
Butterfly chair: Urban Outfitters
Large polka dot pillow:  Proud Mary
Blanket/rug over butterfly chair: Proud Mary

All others are items I picked up traveling.

Blanket on end of bed: Proud Mary
Boob pillows: Gravel & Gold

Dishtowels from Morocco

On Harper: Jumper from Black Crane


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  • So pretty and bright and special!!! I love everything about this sneak peek (and I am pretty sure I remember those curtains from Anthropologie).

    I can relate to the white pets/white furniture symbiosis… I have a white dog and he sleeps on the sofa all the time and you would never know (unless you sat on it wearing black pants, ha).

  • A very inviting space. Love it. And yes there are no plants I can’t kill. By the way the pink chair doesn’t look like it needs to be reupholstered so if you like it pink, save your money.

  • Porches are so special, such a part of life. I painted mine this same weathered grey color, leaves room for every other color. The kitchen galley is so bright and beautiful, it would be a fun place to hang mobiles, since you’re not cooking in there! The molas are gorgeous, you don’t see that quality often anymore. Love the shoes, best of luck with your buseinsss, it looks like you are doing great with it.

  • Love all of the blending of cultures in your decorating-so creative. Such a bright and fun living space. I would love to come home to this each day! And of course, Marsha fits right in.

  • Really like her blend of styles. So easy and casual. Not too minimal not too….maximal(?)
    I just got back from New Mexico. Albuquerque’s Hotel Andalucia and Santa Fe’s St. Francis Hotel have this vibe. The new Southwest style. Cool!

  • I’ve killed succulents, including a gorgeous black one I bought in San Diego. I think a couple of others are on their way out too. Good think they’re cheap:) Gorgeous house. I like that it looks lived in. Sometimes house tours, while gorgeous can look a bit too staged. Your house looks homey.

  • so lovely! any chance you know what color is on your bedroom walls? I’ve been trying for something similar and not hitting it right yet.

  • I think your house is lovely. However, how can you maintain a Nike shoe collection when your life’s work regards ethically sourced textiles? Doesn’t the history of each sneaker haunt you?

  • I looked at the photo with ‘I have a white cat and a white sofa’ caption in full concentration for full three minutes, searching for the cat! :D

  • So loved this sneak-peek! Love how what you do is so genuinely integrated in how you live.
    Very inspiring, thanks for sharing :)