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It’s World Cup Time! Let’s Celebrate With Posters!

by Maxwell Tielman


Above: Sweden 1958

I’ll be the first to admit that, when it comes to any kind of sport, I pretty much know next to nothing. I know that most of them involve running and balls and cute little spandex outfits, but that’s about it. Still, as little as I know about the intricacies of baseball, basketball, hockey, football (American), and football (European), I love me some sports culture. Baseball hats, basketball shoes, vintage trophies, varsity sweatshirts, Cracker Jacks? I am SO DOWN (seriously, though, any excuse to accessorize—I’m there). This year, the twentieth FIFA World Cup is taking place in Brazil and, as such, all of my significantly more sports-savvy friends are all abuzz with it. Never one to miss out on such a huge cultural event, I’m appreciating the occasion in my own way—through World Cup posters! Since its establishment in 1930, each FIFA World Cup has had its own poster and advertising campaign—and most of them are pretty dern awesome, fabulous examples of modern graphic design. I’ve chosen a few of my favorites, so come join me for this fun trip down World Cup memory lane! —Max


Above: Italy, 1934 uraguay_30

Above: Uruguay, 1930


Above: France, 1938


Above: Brazil, 1950


Above: Chile, 1962


Above: Mexico, 1970


Above: Germany, 1974


Above: Argentina, 1978


Above: Spain, 1982


Above: South Africa, 2010

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  • Thank you for this post! I live in Uruguay and all we can talk right now is the world cup (el mundial)!
    The 1930 poster you included is a such a classic! I guess we love it because that was the first world cup, it was held here in Uruguay and we won it! but I also find that the design is a great example of art decó.

  • That is too funny! I’m exactly the same…I know nothing about sports, but I’ve wanted to be a part of it, just a little. This is such a great way to feel at least somewhat involved! These posters are fantastic! I love the one from Spain, 1982. So Miro. Thank you for sharing these!

  • My favorite posters from above are Mexico, Germany & Spain. I was so excited that you featured something relating to the World Cup!! My husband and I have World Cup fever!! We love what it stands for! There is a reason they call it The Beautiful Game! Plus I got to show off your blog to my hubby “see babe my fave blog isn’t all about decor/house stuff!”

  • Classic,there is a sense of evolution in all this posters.
    South Africa did as proud in Africa.
    The vuvuzela sensation will remain in our hearts forever.
    Thanks for this compilation.