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DIY Projects from Washi Tape 101

by Grace Bonney

Having a roll of washi tape around the house feels like second nature these days. I first discovered Japanese washi tape a few years ago when it felt like every cute design shop had a roll or two you could use to dress up packages and letters. Its low tack makes it perfect for using on walls and paper, because you can easily remove the tape without ruining the surface underneath it. We like to use it to frame inspiration boards and images around the office, but it can be used for hundreds of different projects around the home, office and for kids. I’ve been pinning projects I like for a while, but now there’s a book that rounds up a huge range of great projects you can do with washi tape and a little spare time.

washi_tape_iphone copy
washi_tape_wall_decor copy
Author and crafter Courtney Cerruti just released her new book, Washi Tape: 101+ Ideas for Paper Crafts, Book Arts, Fashion, Decorating, Entertaining, and Party Fun!. The title is spot-on; this book is chock-full of quick and easy projects that use washi tape as the prime material. From sprucing up switch plates and personal tech devices to creating custom wrapping paper, Courtney’s book showcases the versatility of washi tape and the way its patterns can add color and detail in unexpected places. What I love most about this book – and washi tape in general – is that it’s so flexible and customizable without a major commitment. Wallpaper and paint require a major effort to install and remove, but washi tape is just a simple peel-off-and-start-over situation. Its relatively inexpensive price and availability (you can find thousands of washi tape styles in Etsy shops) makes it an ideal material for people looking to embrace a trend, but still leave room for a change down the road. I’m excited to try some of these out, and Courtney was kind enough to share some of the projects here with us today. You can get the full instructions after the jump and pick up a copy of Courtney’s new book online right here! Thanks, Courtney and Christina! xo, grace

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washi_tape_wall_decor copy
Washi Tape Wall Border

Courtney says, “When I get restless with my surroundings, my mind jumps to papering my walls with vintage wallpaper or painting them with a bold color. Test your desire for outrageous design by dipping your toe in the water first. Use wide strips of tape to cut graphics you can add to the wall without worry. Try triangles, squares or circles for a graphic punch or soft, organic shapes for a fluid design. You can add tape shapes directly to the wall and trim them with a dull craft knife on the wall (be sure to score only the tape and not cut your wall). Or you can place large strips of tape on waxed paper and cut on a cutting mat or with scissors to create your wall shapes.”

washi_tape_iphone copy

“Switch up your phone case whenever the desire for change strikes you,” Courtney says. “Because this tape is removable, it’s the perfect medium for creating endless patterns, images, or even messages. Simply create a design on the back of your phone, trim any excess tape, and then protect it with a clear case! No one can argue with a neon pink charger or black-and-white-striped cable. With all the electronic accessories in any given office or home, it’s hard to keep track of whose charger is where. Mark your cables and cords with tape for easy and stylish identification. Use washi tape to mark headphones, too! Bonus tip: Create a larger pattern for your laptop computer, and then protect it with a clear case.”

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  • If any of you are in the Portland, OR area Courtney will be teaching a class at a local art supply store (Collage) on May 17. She’s also having a book signing there. Thanks for featuring this washi goddess Design*Sponge <3

  • Please tell us where to find the large format washi tape! I’m moving into a new apartment with hideous white fiberboard cupboards and I was considering gold contact paper but I would prefer to use the washi tape border as above. Excited to buy the book!

  • Hope it’s not too late to leave comment here :) I just found out your website. It’s so amazing to see how these little washi tapes can beautify so many things. Anna, mt casa (large size) has lots of different designs for interior decoration.